YouTube MarketingYouTube and Google Plus – A Marriage That Was Never Going to Last

You no longer need to have a Google Plus account to comment on YouTube. YouTube has finally fine-tuned its comments mechanism & has terminated the mandatory Google+ sign in
Aravinda Holla6 years ago

It finally happened! The wishes of millions has finally come true. One no longer needs a Google Plus account to comment on YouTubeFor years, Google tried to portray that Google Plus was like a Five Star Cruise; while in reality, it was just a Ghost Ship drifting along aimlessly at the sea. It was being showcased as a town bustling with people but the actuality was that people were just using it to sign into other Google services; mainly to comment on YouTube.


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Well, people had seen through that lie very soon and there was a huge outcry to dissociate Google Plus with other Google services some time ago. But Google trusted its plan. However; as clichéd as it might be – time teaches a valuable lesson to everyone.

In its latest official blog post, YouTube announced that one no longer needs to have a Google Plus account to post comments on the videos. And the comments will appear only on YouTube, not on Google+. Improved Comment Ranking System which reduces the visibility of Junk Comments  is another important update made to the comments section.

Caution: But the ability to create a YouTube channel and upload videos without Google+, is still a few months away. So tread cautiously – don’t delete your Google+ account yet!

Gmail and Google Drive are a couple of other services which will follow YouTube’s path in the coming days. Because of all these developments, Google+ might see dip in its usage and engagement in the future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll cease to exist! Bradley Horowitz, the VP of Streams, Photos and Sharing at Google  says that Google+ will start to focus more on helping its users connect around interests. It is too early to predict how all of this is going to pan out, but YouTube users sure can rejoice about this development.

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