ListsYouTube Announces Significant Updates to Analytics & Studio Mobile App

Data and insights play a significant role in the development & growth of creators as well as brands on social media platforms. Understanding the various factors along with the minute details related to the views, engagement, shares etc. is essential for marketers to build a strong audience base, improve communication and expand the overall reach besides efficient performance online.

The most popular video-sharing social media platform, YouTube, has introduced new features and metrics to assist marketers and creators in recognising TG, reaching audiences, increase conversion, optimization and much more.

Recently, YouTube announced launching a few new insights metrics to improve user experiences besides making content creation much simpler for brands.

The significant updates include information on video views and efficient data view features in the mobile app in-studio and site.

Updates on YouTube Studio

There are a few new updated features introduced in the YouTube studio to increase efficiency and ease the process for creators.

  1. Living room data

The feature will start showing the living room impression on the YouTube analytics report later this month. This is basically an expression of the sources of views/impressions like the TV or gaming consoles on the channel analytics count over the deck.

Even though the video view impressions from these devices like TV and consoles were always counted in the insights but never particularly designated.

There will not be any prominent change in the overall video performance in analytics data other than on the reporting set for the creators.

As the impressions from the connected devices are no longer composed together with other categories of views, a notable difference can be witnessed in the click-through rates of other sources.

  1. New and returning viewers

YouTube released the new and returning viewers option in the Audience tab within the YouTube Studio. Using the feature only creators can see who is watching their video for the first time and who is returning to the channel to watch in repetition.

The feature is accessible only by creators as copyrighted content brands and artistic channels cannot avail of the facility.

The insights obtained through these metrics can help future content strategists in determining the type of content that is watched later or repeated by viewers. It makes one understand the value of the video and if it is worth the effort online.

Updates on Studio Mobile App

Studio mobile app of YouTube was further enhanced with additions and changes to its presentations and insights deck that will support creators in their work.

  1. Real-time card updates

The Analytics section always presented the Real-time card to its YouTube creators that informed them regarding the videos published. The recent update changes have sorted the complete outlay of the page.

The Real-time card now shows the thumbnails of the videos for easier operation for users. Moreover, it now sorts of videos based on the view count in descending order compared to being sorted by publish date that makes it effective to work as the most popular videos are on the top accordingly.

The best part of the update is that the Real-time card now shows 15 videos compared to showing just 5 previously.

  1. Changes to the tab

YouTube made selective choices and sorted the visibility of data insights on the mobile app because too many unused tabs created hassle.

The most used tabs like the audience, reach, engagement, overview and revenue are now lined in order.

Creators can notice the absence of a few tabs that were not much in use but the data continues to be available on the desktop mode. The removed cards were replaced by the more used tabs on the mobile version.

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