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Vishal Sharma4 years ago

Searching for No Copyright Music for your next video can be a hassle, and for that, we earlier wrote an article about Websites that allows you to download Royalty-free Music for your video. In that article, we talked about YouTube Audio Library and discussed its features.

To extend that piece, we can say that the YouTube Audio Library is one of the best collection or source of Royalty-free music for YouTube videos. For the same reason, this time, we have brought a guide on How to Get Free Music from YouTube Audio Library.

Let us first know what Royalty-free music means. A common misconception in our minds is that, if a track is Royalty-free, then it is completely free to use. Well, it’s not necessarily true because you first need to own the license of using the track and for that, a one-time amount needs to be paid.

After the license gets granted, the licensee is allowed to use the music any number of times without paying any additional amount. But you do not need to worry about the one time cost of the track as YouTube has done it for you. Also, there is a clear distinction between Copyright-free and Royalty-free music as the former has no copyright while the Royalty-free music has copyright.

If you are looking to monetize a video on YouTube, then YouTube Audio Library provides you a safe Royalty-free music collection.

This music can be used in your videos and will not be subjected to any copyright. It must be kept in mind that using copyright music or songs on YouTube can lead to YouTube’s Content ID system blocking your video or placing copyright advertising over it.

YouTube Audio Library is not just a free collection of music and sound effects, but it also allows you to add these files directly to your video while working online or in case you need to work offline then simply download.

So let’s start with our guide on How to Get Free Music from YouTube Audio Library. It must be noted that this feature is currently not available in YouTube Studio Beta. If you are currently in Beta mode then easily switch to the Classic mode by selecting Creator Studio Classic in the left menu.

After you are in the Creator Studio section, you can see that Audio Library tab is available under the Create Tab within the left sidebar of the Creator Studio page, and this is the place where you will find free music for your videos,

After clicking on Audio Library option, you will be redirected to ‘,’ where you will find two tabs, namely, ‘Free music’ and ‘Sound effects’.

YouTube Audio Library

Free music

Under Free Music, you will find a list of tracks with Play icon on its left and other filter bars on the right side. Just above the Music list, there are various available filters like Genres, Mood, Instrument, Duration, and Attribution.

Also, there is a search music box besides the filter bars where you can search for your favorite music with its name, genre, or using other filter options like instrument and mood. We have listed below some of the filter option values to make it more clear.

Genres  Ambient, Classical, Holiday, Pop, Jazz & Blues, etc
Mood  Bright, Angry, Inspirational, Sad, Romantic, etc
Instrument  Piano, Strings, Trumpet, Bass, etc
Attribution  Whether attribution is required or not required

After you have finished browsing and selected the track you wish to use in your YouTube video, click on the downward arrow icon present in the right side of the file name to download high-quality 320kbps audio track.

Sound effects

You can freely browse and download sound effects for your videos by applying a filter on Category bar and choosing the sound effect that best suits your video. You can choose various sound effects such as Alarms, Tools, Sports, Cartoon, Weapons, and more.

Sound effects in YouTube Audio Library

Pro Tips on How to Get Free Music from YouTube Audio Library

Attribution License : Some tracks have Creative Commons Attribution icon or simply attribution-required icon next to them. Such tracks are still free to use but require crediting the original artist in the description of your video.

Video monetization : The best part of using the YouTube Audio Library is the option to monetize your video without any copyright claim. This gets possible because YouTube’s Content ID system will not claim videos using free music.

If you get prompted to show the commercial usage right of the audio then make sure to include the exact title of the music track and also provide the information that you have downloaded it from YouTube Music Library.

With the above given information on How to Get Free Music from YouTube Audio Library, we hope that you will be able to use a very nice audio for your next video without any worries of copyright claim.

Creator Dashboard

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