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YouTube is a paradise for creators believing in digital insights & analytics to develop channels.

Recently, YouTube Studio Classic evolved into YouTube Studio Beta with advanced YouTube channel management features.

The video-sharing network re-designed some of its available tools to assist creators in compiling more exceptional content. YouTube introduced the Studio Beta version in June 2019, which will appear as the default experience to the users. Their site informs, that the classic view will be available for creators for switching till the new version gets revamped.

The YouTube channel management features have updated YouTube Analytics by adding new metrics into it. According to the YouTube Help page, creators can now get an overall view of their posts. Tracking metrics like impressions, impressions, click-through-rates, and unique viewers will be available in YouTube analytics.

Replacing the Creator Studio, the Beta version will help creators monitor their channels and understand the back-end functioning of the tools.

“The new experience will be called YouTube Studio (easier, right?). It’s gonna be awesome, and we hope you’ll help us make it even awesome-r by joining our beta.”

Giving a “sneak peek” into YouTube Studio, the platform wants users to create more engaging content in lesser time. The team working on developing the YouTube channel management features informs that all changes, additions and updates are based on user demands.

Smart inbox with personalized suggestions on engaging audiences will be available post updates. Successful collaborations and other features will get updated too.

YouTube channel management featuresThe YouTube Studio Beta version dashboard is developed to provide the latest news and updates to the creator community so that they find the best ideas to improve their channels.

Besides, other advanced metric updates on Studio, new YouTube channel management features got introduced.

Check out the 5 useful YouTube channel management features, below:

  1. The Snapshot Record:

This is a leader board report that compares the performance of a creator’s video with other relevant creators. The feature focuses on the last upload by a channel and shows the related and required insights. Users can note the watch time, average view duration, views on the upload using this YouTube channel management feature.

  1. Known Issues Widget:

Let’s call this the alarm bell for technical glitches. The feature enables users to recognize any issues in the back-end of the platform. It gives an estimated time by which the problems will get resolved. It will notify time to creators in case the reported issue got resolved. Now creators know where to tap if they face issues while  uploading their work or updating videos. The widget alerts users of problems that get reported by other creators too. This ensures that YouTube stays free from complications all the time.

  1. YouTube Analytics Smart Headline:

Creators interested in growing their channels can now know how their posts performed in a month. In such a case, a monthly report helps a lot. It is one of the most useful YouTube channel management features as it provides data and information as a snapshot on what kind of content & action is driving traffic on the channel. The monthly report displays insights of a video’s performance along with the reason behind it. Creators can better plan actions by interpreting the pattern of subscriber growth. This feature makes the user capable of understanding the necessities of the channel to boost the future growth. Many YouTube creators find the monthly video level metrics helpful and interesting.

YouTube channel management features

  1. Creator Insider Widget:

Creators should leverage opportunity when the platform experts come down to share tips & tricks on successful You Tubing. YouTube has its Creator Insider channel that posts videos regularly for the creators. They provide valuable insights on how to develop audience engagements. This informal channel shares tips & tricks from the YouTube creator technical team. Thus, getting much original, factual and functioning ideas through those videos. The channel management feature on YouTube Studio Beta will update creators on latest video release.

  1. Funnel report:

Thumbnails & headlines on YouTube are major impression driving points that convert them into views. The report shows the number of people viewing the video over a course of time which creators can use as an indicator. Creators can use this feature as an indicator. The report will show if a thumbnail is credible enough to drive more CTR’s on channel.

YouTube channel management features

Every You Tubers know the significance of the CTR. Thus to improve the percentage, the footage must have appealing impression gaining outline. Creators can use these insights to work on developing better cover images & graphics.

Among many other features introduced, YouTube added some additional elements such as

  • Live tabs to manage all live streaming on channels on one dashboard
  • Copyright match tools to track re-uploads of originals on other channels
  • Crowdfund and merchandise links promotion through channel videos

Creators are yet to witness more updates, changes and makeovers on the site. These would help them get better on You Tubing and engaging viewers. All these YouTube channel management features got developed basing feedback from real creators. YouTube believes that no one knows the platform better than its users & creators because they know what’s a “yay” and a “nay” as they handle the audience directly. Thus, these attributes support the entire creator batch in a developmental way.

Creator Dashboard

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