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Preparing for MBA entrance exams like GMAT and GRE can be difficult. Afterall, cracking GMAT or GRE is much more than memorizing a few formulas isn’t it? It is more of a test of your problem-solving capabilities and that’s why rote learning would not help at all. That’s exactly why so many GMAT and GRE aspirants head to coaching centers to sharpen their skills. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on these expensive coaching institutes? Well; there is YouTube!

In this blog, I’m going to list down 10 YouTube channels that can help you prepare better for your MBA entrance exams, at absolutely no cost!

1. Byju’s

With over 67 thousand subscribers on its channel, Byju’s is arguably the best channel there is for MBA preparation. The channel has 438 videos so far and new videos get added quite regularly.

Subscribers: 67K+  Total Videos: 441  Total views: 6.99 Million  Best for: CAT, GMAT

2. PerfectScores

This is a great channel to prepare not only for GMAT and GRE but also for CAT and any other SAT exams. Most of the videos uploaded on the channel are detailed, elaborate and easy to understand.

Subscribers: 65K+  Total Videos: 399  Total views: 4.7M+  Best for: CAT, GMAT, SAT

3. Takshzila shikshak

Takshzila shikshak is suitable for any kind of MBA entrance exam. It covers all the topics that you find in entrance exams like – quantitative aptitude , mathematics , logic , English Usage and reading comprehension.

Subscribers: 53K+  Total Videos: 382 Total views: 7.44M+  Best for: CAT, GMAT, GRE

4. Rav Singh Cetking

This channel is run by Rav Singh and has video tutorials presented by candidates who successfully cracked CAT.

Subscribers: 23K+  Total Videos:  369 Total views: 2.39M+  Best for: CAT

5. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is an education service provider that has been quite successful in offline coaching in India, with over 175 centers across the country. The YouTube channel has been operational since 2008 and has over 6700 videos!

Subscribers: 15K+  Total Videos: 6788 Total views: 1.66M+  Best for: CAT

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6. MagooshGRE

Magoosh (translation – one who is highly-learned, wise, and generous in Persian) is a great channel if you’re concentrating more on GRE. Brainchild of Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy, Magoosh is more like infotainment if you ask me!

Subscribers: 40K+  Total Videos:  865 Total views: 7M+  Best for: GRE

7. OfficialGMAT

I accidentally stumbled upon this channel. Couldn’t find a whole lot of background on it, but the quality of videos is pretty good if you’re just looking for beginner level preparation.

Subscribers: 5.66K+ Total Videos: 283 Total views: 536K+  Best for: GMAT

You might also want to check out the YouTube channel Gmatclub

8. Dominate the GMAT

This channel is run by GMAT guru Brett Ethridge from the US. The content is really good but there aren’t a lot of videos and he does not upload videos very regularly.

Subscribers: 612K+  Total Videos:  55 Total views: 754K+  Best for: GMAT

9. GMATPrepNow

With around 398 videos, this is another useful channel for GMAT and CAT entrance exams.

Subscribers: 9.5K+  Total Videos:  398 Total views: 866K+  Best for: CAT, GMAT

10. VeritasPrepGMAT

Started by Yale graduates Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, VeritasPrepGMAT has quality videos that can help you prepare better for GMAT.

Subscribers: 9K+  Total Videos: 106  Total views: 1.05 M+  Best for: GMAT



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