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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Last month, YouTube faced the backlash from its community due to their decision of making demonetization public. This doesn’t convey that every change on YouTube brings negative vibes amongst their community. Today, YouTube announced that they are testing a new feature called YouTube COMMUNITY with select Youtubers.

So, what is YouTube – Community?

In this community feature, YouTubers can share photos, polls, links, text posts, and videos with their subscribers. As this YouTube community is launched today, youtube is first testing the BETA version with Youtubers like to AsapSCIENCE (Education), John & Hank Green (Vlogs), Karmin (Music), Lilly Singh (Vlog), The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Peter Hollens, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Threadbanger, Sam Tsui, VSauce3 and The Game Theorists (gaming).

Here are the pros and cons of this new feature that will detail new possibilities you are about to have.


YouTube community is available also on mobile. Just visit the home page of your favorite Youtubers, and click COMMUNITY to follow the conversations.

The feature will help Youtubers in kick starting their new book releases, live tours, Q&A’s, and show a preview of their next vlog.

It will appear with a filter option that shows videos or post, and an option to subscribe to the notifications for that particular YouTube channel.

YouTube Community (earlier called as Backstage) feature will appear in reverse chronological order, and crucially will also appear in subscribers feed and notifications, making them highly visible to fans.

For the YouTubers who post two to three videos a day, this feature can help them to connect with their fans effectively.

Youtubers can promote their old videos without making it cheesy.

This feature may fail, but you will have an alternate option if you don’t like the update.

Fitness YouTube channels can start engaging their audience with daily fitness activities that can improve their fan community, viewership and will increase subscribers.

Gamers can utilize Youtube community to help their followers by giving gaming tips, conducting surveys for their next videos etc.


For the Youtubers like Casey Neistat, Philip DeFranco, and others who upload daily, this feature can convert into spam city as they may feel that they are spamming people, and also the incentive to posting every day will go away. Because to preview a vlog that’s going live that day itself doesn’t make sense.

In this generation, millennials are bound to engage with their favorite YouTubers directly through their videos and comments. With Youtube community, YouTubers may loose the projected viewership as fans may divert their attention.

YouTube Community on mobile
YouTube Community on mobile

With this being said, YouTube is now trying to connect both social features of Facebook, twitter into one platform where content creators can communicate with their fans without moving out of their YouTube homepage. You can say that the new YouTube community feature is just a replacement of DISCUSSION tab where fans can directly post their opinion, but when a Youtubers start a conversation, people are bound to engage even though they are not subscribed to the particular YouTube channel.

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