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YouTube is growing every single day. To throw some light on the staggering insights related to YouTube, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute and close to 5 Billion videos watched daily worldwide. The video hosting platform is itself a different world with such a huge audience base. Like every world where some community guidelines exist, YouTube also has a well-defined set of rules and community guidelines framed for all its key stakeholders. These community guidelines play an important role in ensuring every content creator gets his/her due credit for the creativity, a healthy ecosystem is maintained and violators are brought to justice. In a major revamp, YouTube recently updated the channel community strike system giving a much-needed respite to aspiring or new content creators giving them time to get used to with the laid down community guidelines.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility


New Community Strike System from YouTube

According to a blog post on the same topic from YouTube, the new channel community strike system is created based on the feedback received by its community of content creators. The blog also stated that the new channel strike system would be more transparent with clear policies along with better notifications.

Based on statistics shared by the Google owned video hosting platform, 98% of the content creators never break the community rules set by YouTube and this is why the good numbers keep on increasing each passing day. In the past, YouTube followed a 3 step strike system, where violators were served email notices and given time to review and understand what possibly went wrong before pressing on for more severe consequences. This system did wonders for the community as according to a blog, 94% never received a second strike after receiving their first within a 90 days’ period.

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In order to give content creators more time and opportunities to understand their content and channel, YouTube came up with a new channel strike system effective from 25th Feb 2019. The new system will include a onetime warning for content creators for the first time whenever there is a community violation. This warning will be one time and will not come with 90 days reset. The warning will be followed by the below-mentioned penalties on your channel for subsequent violations: –

1) The first strike after the warning will freeze video uploads from your channel for 1 week. This would also include YouTube LIVE streaming feature and other channel-related activities.

2) If your channel receives another strike within 90 days of the 1st strike, then all channel related activities including video uploads and YouTube LIVE streaming will freeze for 2 weeks.

3) The third strike within 90 days of receiving your first strike would result in channel termination.

Strike Period is for 90 days counted from the day channel receives its first strike.

New Channel Strike System from YouTube: What to Expect?

1) According to YouTube, majority of violations or strikes happens on video content but their community guidelines stay the same for all sort of content available on YouTube that includes YouTube stories, custom thumbnails, links to other websites mentioned in the video description or information cards.

2) Email and Desktop notifications will share more information regarding the kind of community violation. Now content creators will also receive mobile and in-product notifications related to community guideline strikes.

YouTube Community Strike System

3) Important Point to Note: This particular update is not to be confused with the existing YouTube copyright strike system that will function the same way as before, i.e takedown videos violating copyright laws. Also in case of a copyright strike, there will be no warning issued to channel owners and a separate YouTube penalty system for the same would be followed.

YouTube Community Guidelines 

This particular update is only for community guideline violations. Some of the community violations are mentioned below: –

1) Nudity, Sexual or Pornography Content

2) Harmful or Dangerous Content

3) Spreading Hatred

4) Violent Content or Spreading Violence

5) Any sort of Harassment or Cyber Bullying

6) Spam Content with Misleading Metadata and promoting Scams

7) Threats

8) Copyright (Penalty according to Copyright Strike System)

9) Violating Privacy or Posting without Consent

10) Impersonation or Fake Channels

11) Content Against Child Safety

Follow the Rules and keep on creating awesome content!

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