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YouTube marketing strategies are dynamic and keep changing in sync with new trends and cultures that are introduced to the digital media. Engaging audiences have got different mediums these days, right from spoofs, reviews & DIYs on YouTube to memes on other social media platforms. Everything has a specific target audience and objectives that assist in achieving the set goals.

YouTube is one of the prominent platforms to reach & engage the right customers, hence, brands and creators look forward to creating relevant content on it. Increasing subscribers, achieving more views and successfully monetizing the content are few major goals of YouTube channels that require them to understand the ways to engage visitors on it.

Organising a YouTube contest is a great way to attract more audiences and improve the engagement rates on the platform. In a contest, people are interested in the giveaway price and willingly take part in it by complying with all conditions mentioned as rules for the particular contest. Hence, brands also need to focus on the quantity, quality or impact of the reward that they decide for the participants and winners. Apart from these, hosts must stay creative with their contest and ensure good communication, entertainment, and interaction with their audience.

Here is a list of few useful ideas to run any YouTube contest that can be run by brands & marketers to yield more followers and fans on their channel.

Best Practises and Ideas to Run YouTube Contest

  1. Set SMART objectives

In order to begin a contest, one must understand the need for it. Brands need to set few goals that they would like to achieve post contest. These set targets can be anything like introducing a product/service, engaging the audience, increasing subscriber count, gaining traffic, increasing conversion rate, getting more clicks on CTAs etc. The goals are better when they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Hence, a better plan can help create a better impact.

YouTube Contest

  1. Make it Do-able

These days we have all come across new businesses flourishing on social media platforms. They offer great deals/niche products and more that are advertised full-fledged online. Sometimes the promotion contests look pathetic and give depressing results because most of these brands want a quick escalating growth on their channel. They have several steps to follow, rules, strict conditions that end up being monotonous. Therefore, strategize a simple YouTube contest that has a few steps, definitely not more than 3-4, minimal restrictions and easy follow instructions. Keep things easy to do and attract more audiences.

YouTube Contest

  1. Tell them why?

Make audiences feel worthy by making their time, effort and attention valued and heard. Let people know how the contest will benefit them in many ways. Provide a short, to the point, and interesting note in the description section that briefs them on the idea behind the contest. This will clear most doubts, make way for more participation, boost engagement and help improve the channel. As we mentioned above this point, do mention simple rules and steps that can be done with minimum effort.

YouTube Contest

  1. Lure participants with reward

As the YouTube contest is meant for the audience, they are the most important part of the whole process. Hence, the rewards need to be picked from the audience’s point of view and not chosen just to suit the host’s budget and interest. Select a reward that is relevant to the target audience interest and stays relevant to the cause at the same time. Make sure that the reward fits into the set budget or costs the least possible so that it does not cause a loss in any way. Moreover, making it digitally deliverable adds to the profit as it helps avoid the shipping charges and other additional.

YouTube Contest

  1. Promote the YouTube contest

Cross-platform promotion is a great way to get more followers, visitors and participants. Make a short video on the contest by explaining all the main points of the contest and the benefits for the audiences along with a little information about the reward and other associated prices. Add the link to the contest on the descriptions of posts, Instagram bio, Twitter bio, Facebook story/post etc. to draw more relevant attention. Send out emails with details and links for the contest so that all audiences on your list of contact get an opportunity to take part in it.

YouTube Contest

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