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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

Creator Wizard. That’s what we’re calling our latest feature. A feature that lets you find out any YouTube channel based on your requirement and specification. If you’re looking for a YouTube channel from a specific country or from a specific category or based on its Subscribers/Views, you can use this feature and find it.

For instance:

Suppose you want to find out a comedy channel from Canada. But you don’t want to reach out to a channel which has lesser number of subscribers. You also don’t want to find a channel which has a huge following. You want a channel that has around 100,000 subscribers. Using this feature, you can find such channels with absolute ease! Here’s how you set the filters and find such channels:

Canadian Comedy Channels

How it can help YouTube creators:

If you are a YouTube creator, one of the best ways to increase your subscriber base and video views is to collaborate with other YouTubers. However, finding out prospective collaborators can be a pain. You need to look for channels that are performing well and have a good growth potential in the immediate future (You don’t want to collaborate with a fading YouTube star now do you!)

Once you have a list of prospective channels for collaboration you should know:

  • How well the channel is performing
  • How well the channel is going to perform in the immediate future
  • Whether it is partnered with a YouTube MCN/Network


But this information is usually hard to find and is time consuming. But with this feature, you can find out all of it and be better prepared before reaching out to the channel owner. If the channel is partnered with an MCN, it would be better to reach out to the MCN rather than the channel owner. If the channel is not seeing a good growth in terms of subscribers and views, collaborating with it might not be fruitful for you.


You are a Video blogger from United States and most of your subscribers are from the US and Canada. But you’re looking to expand your reach to Spanish and Latin American countries. Here’s how you can use the feature:

Find all prospective collaborators:

YouTubers Latin America

You can see that Creator Wizard has found out 2288+ popular vlogging channels from Spanish speaking countries. To check the performance of each of these channels, all you have to do is click on the channel names.

Analyze the channel:

Check out this image to see how easy it is to know a lot more about the channel:

YouTube channel statistics

YouTube influential subscribersYouTube channel growth forecastNow, you know that JuStYosS is a part of the network Mitu. You can also know the daily growth of the channel, influential subscribers of this channel, growth forecast of the channel and much more!

How it can help Brands in Video Marketing:

Whenever a brand wants to expand its presence to other geographies, it needs to come up with a detailed marketing strategy. And with the explosion of online video, YouTube plays a vital part in such marketing plans. Creator Wizard can be a fantastic source to find the right YouTubers who can give brands the visibility that they look for.


Suppose you’re a cosmetic brand that is quite popular in North America but not so much in other parts of the world. If you’re planning to expand your business to; say Australia and New Zealand; clever brand placements in the videos of popular DIY Makeup channels from down under can be a great idea.

Here’s how Creator Wizard can help find the right YouTubers:

YouTube Fashion Australia

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How it can help Multi Channel Networks:

When Multi Channel Networks are expanding their network size, they usually have a team of analysts who analyze the performance and demography of channels in particular categories and then reach out to them with partnership offers. This can usually be a very time consuming and difficult process. But with Creator Wizard feature, it’s easy as a pie!


Suppose you’re a Multi Channel Network that works with Gaming channels from the US but you’re looking to expand your presence in Europe. Here’s how you can use the Creator Wizard feature:

Europe Gaming YouTube ChannelsAnd as explained earlier, you can check out the statistics and analyze the performance of each of these 9149+ channels, just by clicking on their channel names.

Why don’t you give it a try?

If you are a YouTuber or if you are a marketer for a Brand or if you work for a Multi Channel Network, you can take a Free Trial of Vidooly and try it out yourself! And if you have any feedback or suggestions to make the feature more intuitive and robust, do write them to us.

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