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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Back in 2012, to protect the identities of people in certain videos; YouTube had introduced the Face Blurring Tool. This was a nice feature which could be used for different kinds of videos. For instance – if you’re a reporter and want to upload a protest video, some people might object being featured in it. The Blurring tool would be very handy in situations like that.

However, the feature is not used a lot by YouTubers, since it doesn’t have a lot of customization options and you could only blur faces. But now, they’ve come up with a new feature update called custom blurring tool. And this new update can be a very useful to avoid unnecessary copyright take-down notices.

youtube custom blurring tool

Here’s another instance when the tool can be useful:

Suppose you’ve used a brand’s product or its logo in your video without taking it’s permission; the brand might file for copyrights and this would lead to –

  • Your video gets taken down
  • The brand starts getting a share of your revenue
  • You might also have to settle the dispute outside the boundaries of YouTube

The Custom Blurring tool can be the perfect answer for such a scenario. You can just blur out the brand’s logo with ease. Of course, you can do this using editing tools of your choice, but doing it right from within the YouTube ecosystem can save you a lot  of valuable time.

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How to use it

Blurring moving objects within a video can be difficult for someone who’s new to video editing. But the custom blurring tool makes it pretty easy to accomplish. Covering up a wardrobe malfunction is easier than ever now! All you need to do is draw a box around whatever it is that you want to blur – a vehicle number plate or even a nip slip 😉

Here is the step by step process to use the feature; as described by YouTube:


Do you think this feature can be helpful? Should there be more customization options? Which YouTuber can probably use it more? Let us know in the comments below.

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