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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

YouTube’s recent update is going to help a lot of Small business organizations. Their terminology on how to study the terms and conditions required for a small business to run their advertising on YouTube is spot on.

With their new app called YouTube Director, advertising for small business is going to going to be fast, easy and free. But before we discuss on YouTube advertising, this new initiative called YouTube Director is initially available in six different metropolitan cities which include Washington D.C, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago.

So, YT Director works in three steps.Plan, Shoot, Advertise

The business owner will go to and chose the “Template” which he thinks resembles the kind of business he owns. There are Eleven Templates available in the website from non-profit, food business, real estate, retail, education, etc.

Then you confirm your Zip Code to check whether your location is eligible.

Then before you get started, create or verify your G-mail account and complete other formalities like your business name, phone, and target customers.

By doing that, YouTube will match a filmmaker who will help you in writing the script for your advertisement. Also, a team of professional will visit your business site, and shoot, edit, and deliver your video – all on the same day. According to their website, it will take at least two to three hours to shoot the video.

Advertise – is a quirky word, and its terminology is even though. Professional advertisers charge insane amounts just to get your advertising through AdWords.

This is where “YouTube Director” is going to help the small business owners; because a Google hired advertising specialist will help your product reach the right audience.

NOTE – Even if you don’t own a YouTube Channel, the Advertising specialist will help you to set up a well-oiled YouTube channel. And the entire process will take about two to three weeks. (Much efficient than hiring an advertising agency)

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki boasted that YouTube now reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds on mobile devices than any TV network. So, if you are targeting smartphones demographics, then you need to have a specialist to lead your YouTube campaign in a better direction.

How much will this production giveaway cost the business owner?

YouTube will do all this for you only if you spend $150 on advertising on their interface.

But, when advertising on YouTube, every business owner should know the types of video ads that they are going to use. There are two types of YouTube video Ads namely In-stream and In-Display Ads. Advertisers (i.e., the business owners here) will pay when a user watches the ad for at least 30 seconds or at least till the end of the video or if the viewer takes an action, such as clicking on a call-to-action.

In-Stream ads – in simple words is the ads that pop up while a YouTube video is streaming. To get your ads to be effective, make your creative (Advertisement) span till first 12 seconds. There is a 6-second in-stream advertisement too for the smartphones demographics. This type of ads is more efficient if your message is short and spontaneous.

Skippable video ads on youtube

In-stream ads also show your ads on every Google Display network. There will be a CTA overlay that directs the users to a specific URL of their product page. Skippable Ads is the other face of In-stream advertisements that gives the users an option to SKIP after first five seconds. These Skippable ads are available for Desktop, smartphones, and game consoles. If not Skippable or 6 Seconds (mobile), the regular YouTube ad will be of 30 seconds.

You can visit our previous blog to get an idea of the types of ads and can also learn the concept of “HOW DO PEOPLE EARN MONEY FROM YOUTUBE”?

In-Display ads are the advertisements that are visible after the YouTube search result and also appear on related videos on the right side of the video. When a user clicks these In-Display ads, the video destination page features a spot on the right-hand column where a companion banner of that brand showcases.

This is our update on the YouTube’s new feature for our audience in U.S.A. Also, if you want to understand what keywords you need for your AdWord advertisements or demographics of your product’s confusing your decision, then you can use Vidooly for your campaigns and monitor your YouTube channels performance. YouTube is broad and vast for a business owner who is a novice in advertising, and with using our product, there are wild possibilities for you to understand your YouTube channel just like you understand your business.

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