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Aravinda Holla5 years ago

Almost 8 months ago, YouTube had launched a dedicated platform just for Gaming, to compete with the Amazon owned Live Game streaming service Twitch. The web version of this service was available almost everywhere across the globe whereas the Android and iOS Apps were available only in the US and UK. After 8 months; the wait is finally over – YouTube Gaming app has arrived in India, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries.

youtube gaming

The user interface which is inspired heavily by Twitch, allows for easier searching and browsing of live streams of Games. PC Game streaming is pretty common in the western countries but now with the launch of the apps, streaming of mobile games will add a lot of variety to the streams.

The Gaming YouTubers can also opt for a subscription plan with YouTube which would allow them to get patronage from the viewers.

youtube gaming

Through the Games tab on the left hand corner, viewers can find the list of trending games, upcoming events and competitions etc.

youtube gaming

Twitch already has the early mover advantage over YouTube Gaming. If you look at the number of app downloads, it is pretty evident – Twitch has over 2 million downloads whereas the Android YouTube Gaming App just has around 500 thousand downloads. If YouTube has to give a tougher competition, it might have to come up with some feature that can differentiate it from Twitch.

Whatever be the case, the launch of the app is definitely a step forward for YouTube and the Gaming community of Asian countries. Why don’t you download the app right away and get a taste of it?

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