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YouTube is now trying to reach a new level of community development.  They are now shaping their billions of viewership into a regular chain of recurring users. Ever heard of Karma points in Reddit’s Platforms? Reddit maintains the user interest by offering link karma, & comment karma where a user actually feels an imaginary responsibility to judge the interesting/social justice stories so that the community approval for that link bubble’s up towards #1 (Front Page). This feature is mainly available where Reddit entries are organized into areas of interest called “Subreddits.”

This collation program is used by many social & user platforms like Quora, 4chan, Google Local Guides, Zomato reviews, and the best example Subreddits.

Last week, YouTube took their first step into the world of user moderation platforms by introducing YouTube Communities for selected YouTube channels (will expand eventually). There, a user can post images, Gifs, links with thumbnails which gives the YouTuber an opportunity to connect on a daily basis with its community.

Today, YouTube-blog announced another program that elevates the user contribution by providing a separate interface called YouTube Hero’s.

YouTube Hero’s is a platform where a group of individuals participates/contribute voluntarily and help YouTube in

  • Flagging inappropriate videos.
  • Adding captions and subtitles to videos.
  • Sharing their knowledge with other users on the YouTube Help forum

Common Questions –  

What happens when you flag a video?

Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views with an increasing watch time by 50% every year.  This brings in more than 80 hours’ worth of videos uploaded every minute. So, in order to filter video uploads that do not qualify with the “YouTube Community Guidelines,” YouTube staff members focus on videos that are flagged or Reported by the viewers daily. The YouTube channel owner gets an official mail from YouTube that a video from his/her channel is under review.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the video will be taken down. If the content is defining the new community guidelines, then it may get de-monetized or taken down depending upon the level of severity.

How to add captions and subtitle?

YouTube automatically adds captions and they are not really good. So, to add your own Captions and Subtitles here is the simple process.

  • CLICK –> Video Manager

Select the video for your captions

  • CLICK –> Edit
  • CLICK –> CC Captions

If you have a script, then you can just upload the file. To do this,

  • CLICK –> + Add Captions
  • CLICK –> Upload File

If you don’t have a script, then you can create your own transcript without leaving Creator Studio. To transcribe,

  • CLICK –> Transcribe & Sync
  • CLICK –> Track language (English)
  • CLICK –> Video Transcript – Here type what’s spoken in the video. When you start typing, the video pauses automatically.

Type SHIFT+LEFT to rewind 5 seconds or SHIFT+SPACE to pause/play

  • CLICK –> SYNC to synchronize your transcript with the video.

The trend of fans helping popular YouTubers in their Close Captions is not new. Check out PewDiePie’s description where he linked the YouTube channels of YouTubers who helped him in providing Captions in different languages.

pewdiepie video description
Pewdiepie video description

Eligibility Restrictions

YouTube Hero’s feature is available for everyone who uses YouTube with the following eligibility restrictions,

  • Has a valid/active YouTube channel without any content ID strikes or suspension
  • Be at least of the legal age in your jurisdiction
  • Have signed up to participate in the YouTube Hero’s Program.
  • Organizations, brands, and businesses are not eligible for the Program
  • Should not offer Caption providing services at the commercial level with an intention to earn revenue.

And is restricted for the participants, who are

  • Government employees
  • Candidates for public office
  • Employees of government-owned or government-controlled companies, public international organizations, and political parties.

 After registering in YouTube Hero Community

The YouTube Heroes have to comply with the following rules and regulations so that they cannot use their power by providing unfair judgment,

  • Abide by Google’s Anti-Harassment policy
  • Participation in the Program will be associated with only one YouTube account.
  • Must not represent yourself as a YouTube or Google employee
  • YouTube can suspend your program anytime
  • The YouTube Hero will not defame, harass, stalk, abuse, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights.
  • The YT Hero cannot upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unlawful, inappropriate, defamatory or obscene content or message.
  • Impersonate another person or entity
  • Cannot spam, or submit fake, falsified and misleading contributions.

YouTube Hero Level’s

Just like point system in every possible social moderation community, YouTube Hero level up their moderators by providing point system. These points are earned by flagging inappropriate videos, adding captions/subtitles to videos, and sharing knowledge in YouTube help form.

Check out the levels of upgradations in the infographic below.

YouTube Hero Levels
YouTube Hero Levels

Creator Studio Changes

When you successfully enroll for YouTube Hero and log into your Creator Dashboard, You can check a couple of extra options available for the moderator in the left sidebar.

 Creator Studio
Creator Studio

Translations & Transcriptions are where you can check your Community Contributions. It’s segregated into two groups, called In Review and Published. Below is the screenshot showing you the physical changes in the YouTube creator studio after joining YouTube Hero program.

Youtubers Reaction –

The irony is – YouTubers hates this new initiative by YouTube. They hate it so much that YouTube has disabled the Comment button. So, the new comment moderation program where the YouTube asks select users to moderate comments has its comments section closed.

Getting Started with YouTube Heroes
Getting Started with YouTube Heroes

Also, Getting Started with YouTube Heroes video received more than 145,000 dislikes. If things go on at the same pace, you can expect a million dislikes and a birth in YouTube’s list of most disliked videos. Many popular YouTubers like Philip DeFranco expressed his concerns regarding the biases of the program. Like, a YouTube Hero moderator who supports a right wing political party may flag videos related to left wing party and vice versa. This scenario can affect sports YouTube channels, Political YouTube channels, and probably every YouTube channel because predilection has not boundaries when there is an army of thousands of YouTube comment/content moderators.

What YouTube Hero community looks like?

Since posting the dashboard look is not yet allowed by YouTube guidelines and policy, here is a screenshot of the SEARCH feature in YouTube Hero’s.

YouTube Hero Screenshot
YouTube Hero Screenshot

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