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With the development of online networking, internet users in the Arab world were quick to embrace the new technology and utilize everything that social media brings to the table to connect, and communicate with others. They now have a lifestyle that revolves around the use of technology, infrastructure, and social media.

This growing trend of social media in the Arab World also helped YouTube to grow its presence among the growing population of internet users. Now, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for many video content creators and brands in the Middle East and North Africa region and is one the most popular way to generate monetization revenue.

Last December, YouTube announced it is joining with Dubai Studio City to bring a YouTube Space to Dubai by the second quarter of 2017. For all, who don’t have a clue, YouTube space is an incubator space giving YouTube creators the tools and guidance that remove barriers enabling them to innovate and experiment with content. It will also be the first dedicated YouTube workshop in the Middle East and North Africa region meant for YouTubers to come together and work/collaborate in unison.

In this blog, after researching more than 2000 YouTube channels for U.A.E, we are going to list down top 10 YouTube channels of the United Arab Emirates including 25 insights related to the top 100 YouTube creators.

Top 10 Youtube channels in the United Arab Emirates

Channel TitleViewsSubscribers
Noor Stars551,547,8254,744,844
MBC GROUP2,516,239,0544,635,260
Hayla TV760,313,8734,296,862
Mo Vlogs966,579,2603,899,181
Arab Idol1,851,207,5363,097,745
MBC The Voice1,315,729,5532,411,484
Huda Beauty116,101,7921,935,557
Arabs Got Talent834,476,1291,848,392
Hussain Al Jassmi 697,816,6001,607,097

25 Insights about YouTube – Dubai

1.  Most subscribed YouTuber in Dubai – Noor Stars

2.  Most viewed YouTube channel in Dubai – MBC GROUP

3.  Most viewed Independent YouTube creator in Dubai – Mo Vlogs

4.  Most videos uploaded for YouTube – Dubai – Al Aan Arabic Television

5.  Top 3 YouTube channels with the most female viewers – Mariya, Huda Beauty, and SARA JO

6.  Hussain Al Jassmi is the most subscribed and viewed singer/artist on YouTube Dubai, followed by Eida Al Menhali.  

7.  Hayla TV is the most-viewed comedy channel in Dubai

8.  Most viewed how-to-style YouTube channel – Noor Stars

9.  Most viewed YouTube channel in Travel & Events category – Visit Dubai

10.  AlArabiya is the YouTube creator in Dubai that uploaded the most videos

11.  Most viewed news and politics YouTube channel – Al Aan Arabic Television

12.  Most viewed YouTube channel in Autos & Vehicles genre –

13.  Zahratalain is the most-viewed non-profit YouTube channel dedicated to Muslim sisters and sisters in humanity striving to get closer to ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

14.  Most subscribed gamer in Dubai – TheEmperorHD

15.  Most subscribed and viewed cooking YouTube channel – Manal Alalem

16.  Most viewed kid’s comedy channel – Iftahyasimsim

17.  Most subscribed fashion/DIY YouTube channel – Yasmina Dotcom

18.  Dubai’s most viewed Travel Vlogger –  Lowi Sahi

19.  With 138 million total views, alishanmao is the YouTube channel specializing in the drones, and how they work.

20.  Most subscribed female singer in Dubai – Shamma Hamdan

21.  Most viewed female singer in Dubai – Balqees

22.  Arabian Fairy Tales is the most subscribed animation YouTube channel meant for kids followed by Majid Kids TV and Mansour Cartoon.

23.  Most viewed makeup and beauty YouTube channel – Huda Beauty

24.  Youngest YouTuber in Dubai – Brothers Channel

25.  Youngest YouTube with the most subscribers in Dubai – King Madness

NOTE: This is just a brief analysis of top YouTube channels in Dubai. If you would like to have the data we generated for this report, then CLICK HERE. To gain access to the tool we used to extract this data, CLICK HERE.


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