There was a time when movies, music and television industries used to create celebrities that people used to adore, follow and worship. But times have changed and so has the way people consume entertainment. Now we have internet celebrities – people who have become famous through online platforms. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vine; all of these platforms have their own superstars. But it is YouTube where the cream of the crop is.

Stand up comedians, singers, sketch artists – almost everyone has a niche audience that laps up the videos they serve with glee on YouTube. But fashion and beauty is the genre which has probably served up more celebrities than all other genres. Fashionistas like Bethany Mota, Zoella and Michelle Phan have made millions from their YouTube videos and brand endorsements!

There is one common thread however among all these fashion vloggers – they are as famous on Instagram as well. That’s why, any aspiring beauty vlogger should have a solid understanding of both the platforms – YouTube and Instagram to succeed. In this webinar Jilly Badanes and Nishant Radia explain how the two platforms can be used strategically in tandem, to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Jilly Badanes is an Instagram and Pinterest expert who used to work as the Director of Marketing at Viraltag whereas Nishant Radia is a YouTube evangelist and the CMO and co-founder of Vidooly.

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