YouTube is a continuously evolving platform that keeps on updating itself as per the user needs. Just recently YouTube has started to test some new multitasking features on desktop that is the picture-in-picture feature, minimize content and a floating mini player bar.

On mobile (be it Android or iOS), YouTube has had the picture-in-picture feature that allows users to navigate easily across the platform while consuming a piece of content. They are now trying something similar on the desktop as well. This will give users a lot more flexibility on what they can do while watching a video. This is done keeping into consideration the user habits of multitasking while consuming media.

Another feature that is being tested by YouTube is the feature to minimize content and continue browsing across the platform. This feature is already available on mobile devices and is being frequently used by YouTube users.

However, this is not the only feature that is being tested by YouTube. Another multitasking feature is the mini player bar. This basically allows users to be able to scroll down for reading comments, etc while still be able to watch the video that is floating at the top of the screen. This bar also contains the video title, thumbs up, thumbs down, share and subscribe buttons.

It has not been announced yet whether these new multitasking features will be released in the near future.