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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Do you spend a lot of time making youtube videos that don’t generate any traffic?

Ranking your video though using keywords is the most important step you have to take as a YouTuber.

That’s why YouTube keyword Analysis is the most palpable option you need to have in order to increase the searchability of your content on youtube channel.

Some suggestions,

Creating a list of  phrases of multiple keywords in your description will help youtube crawl your video better.  But, if you are thinking that adding a laundry list of keywords in your description will help your youtube video go Video SEO friendly –  then you are wrong.


Create a keyword in the title and use secondary keywords in the tags. Before move ahead, let’s discuss the difference between a primary keyword and secondary keyword.

Primary keywords are the main keyword that has the majority of search traffic and is often targeted by advertisers. For example, Keyword Tool has more than 1M – 5M impressions alone and will be the keyword of interest for most of the display ads campaigns run by marketers.

Secondary keywords or (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords ) are the synonymous keywords that often have low search traffic, but are highly reliable. Using these keywords will not directly affect your youtube channels SEO, but this will help you to attract additional visitors to your channel. For example, the word Keyword finder tool, youtube keyword tool, keyword alternative tool differs with the total impressions on the youtube’s search ecosystem.

There many variants of keyword finder tools that are available in the market for your keyword research. But, getting keyword suggestion personalized for your youtube channel is what makes Vidooly different. With vidooly’s keyword analyzing feature, you will have a better understanding of keywords which will help you to research your market demographic.

Vidooly Keyword Analysis Feature

Vidooly’s Keyword analysis tool will help you to get a list of suggestions embodied in monthly search volume and competition factors with 14 different languages for your accessibility.  Following are the core features of our YouTube keyword analysis tool,

Search Strategy

You can search any keyword that you want to include in your video title and get more keyword suggestions, based on actual YouTube search data generated by your youtube channel.

So, if you have a keyword in Arabic, Hindi, French or anything in these provided languages

Increase organic reach

Organic optimization improves the chances of your demographics finding your video through search.  Thus Vidooly provides a list of relevant keywords to reach out to the right audience and increase your video’s organic reach.

Better Analysis

The confusion of whether to use a primary keyword or secondary keyword for your Title gets solved here. This tool will find out which keywords/tags in your video title can help you come up with relevant search rankings.


Analyze the keywords used by your competitor. You can pick the ones which worked for them and neglect the ones which didn’t.

Also, we provide 5 factors to differentiate popular keywords to make it more graspable.


Other than the Keyword analyzing tool, we provide two features that will help you in your YouTube keyword research for your YouTube channel. These features are Top YouTube Keyword Search feature and Search Term Analysis.


Top YouTube Keyword Search is where you can compare the keyword competition for your youtube channel video and your competitors. This premium feature will help you to get access to your competitor’s keyword structure used on their respective youtube channels and videos.

Search Term analysis, on the other hand, is where you can get an estimate of your keyword density in Video tags and Video Titles. This premium feature will also let you know the top 5 youtube videos for that particular keyword with a proper tag and description analysis.

Vidooly’s YouTube Keyword tool is the best alternative tool you can find in the market with better features bundled in one powerful video marketing tool for you.

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