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Only creators can understand the hard work that goes behind creating a video for their YouTube channels. Any video with a small subscriber base could lead to a business deal, sponsoring opportunities, and good monetization rates. But, its heartbreaking for the creator to see the video that they created with so much effort is getting replicated on another channel without your permission.

To solve this age-old problem, YouTube is releasing a new tool called “Copyright Match” to let the creators check if their videos are being stolen and take relevant action against it. YouTube began testing this tool with creators for nearly a year to make it safe and effective for the whole community.

What is YouTube Copyright Match Tool?

YouTube copyright match tool finds the re-uploads of your original videos on the other channels. If the match gets identified, then the creator can review it in YouTube Studio and take action.

Since CONTENT ID is available for YouTube channels with a CMS, you can say that Copyright Match tool is made for YouTube creators especially. Upon using the YouTube copyright match tool, creator content theft will get a notification of “Video taken down: Copyright strike” next to your video. Thus, this tool is basically going after the freebooters.

  1. The creator must be the first person to upload the video.
  2. The time of upload is how YouTube determines the owner of the video.
  3. This tool is intended to find full re-uploads.
  4. Once the YouTube copyright match tool has found a match, the creator can choose either to do nothing, get in touch with the freeloader, or request YouTube to remove the video.
  5. There is a maximum of 7-day period allotted for the freeloader to remove the video.
  6. The YouTube creator should not file a copyright takedown request for content that you do not own exclusively, such as public domain content.
  7. Also, the owner of the video should consider whether the matched content could be regarded as fair use or could be subject to some other exceptions to copyright.
  8. The YouTube Copyright Match Tool is for creators with more than 100k subscribers.
  9. Only videos that have at least 25 views may be detected.
  10. Some creator’s videos may not be eligible for matching if – the video is already protected by Content ID, or has a Content ID claim on it.
  11. Even if a video isn’t detected, if you are sure it’s infringing your copyright you can use the manual copyright abuse tool
  12. Misuse or abuse may result in loss of access to the tool or termination of your YouTube Partnership

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