YouTube has launched its first ever interactive quiz game called Deja: View that tests how fast you can answer questions involving viral videos, famous channels, hit web series, and popular trends on YouTube.

For example, can you answer the following questions

  • What is McDonald’s latest food invention?
  • How does Bill Wurtz illustrate “History of the Entire World, I Guess”?
  • What product reviewing trend summons that “just got something in the mail” feeling?
  • What is Casey Neistat’s motto?
Deja: View

After completing level 1 – Deja: View

YouTube’s Deja: View lets two players play virtually identically to one another across a series of ten multiple choice questions for each level. Once you complete around, you’re invited to challenge your friends through other social media platforms.

Those of us who have spent far too much of our time watching YouTube videos can easily answer questions. So make sure to establish yourself as the YouTube king of your social circle before you go through YouTube Deja: View’s entire question test. Remember, the faster you answer the question, the more points you get.