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If you are aware of National Republican Convention, then you must be noticing how famous YouTube channels are using YouTube Live Streaming to broadcast live from Quicken Loans Arena. From primetime Emmy award winning late night talk shows with hosts like Stephen Corbet, Trevor Noah (and his racially diverse reporting team) to new age digital news broadcasters like The Young Turks are using YouTube Live Streaming to broadcast the live feed from the RNC Arena.

London Olympics and Red Bull Stratos were the events that bought YouTube live streaming to the mainstream audience. But, from 2013, YouTube live streaming is available for all the youtube channels with good standing, and almost every news channel around the globe is using YouTube live stream to broadcast news, events, accidents, to almost everything.

Here are the kinds of YouTube Live Streaming there are right now.


International broadcasting news channels are now using YouTube Live Stream now. Channels like CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera among others are spreading creating unique Live broadcasts for various events. For example, elections, protest rallies, Pride Parades, etc. are some of the main events where every news broadcasting channel will feed live with the help of YouTube. And the fact that one needs a legit strike free account to broadcast live feed gives you an advantage on how reliable the information is unlike Facebook; where anyone can use FB live.

Indian cable news broadcasters like TV9, Aaj Tak, Sakshi TV, India Today, ABN Networks broadcast daily to provide a live feed for various kinds of news. These YouTube live broadcasts help Indian news channels to attract millennial users and other digital savvy demographics as right now as their cable viewers are largely adults.


Music festivals generate large fan followings and for the people who are out of their countries to attend that venue, YouTube live broadcasting gives those fans a great chance to connect with the live performances of their favorite artists. It all started when Live 8 was broadcasted live using T.V as their medium back in 2005. (Just a year before the formation of youtube) Censorship was one of the main reason why the broadcast was so unsuccessful, as cable channels are bound to censor the songs featuring strong languages.

Now, with the events like Coachella, Download festivals, Tomorrowland, Pinkpop going live through YouTube brings a new wave to the word freedom of expression. Some of these festivals like Coachella are also exclusively offering a 360-degree live stream from various sets via YouTube, forgoing traditional pro-shot camera footage entirely.


UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals were broadcasted live on YouTube last month with more than 4 million viewership. YouTube live Stream has helped fans from various sporting backgrounds to enjoy the finals of their favorite games like NBA, NFL, Tennis and cricket.

In India, YouTube Live started way back in 2010; when they partnered with IPL for a two-year live broadcasting deal. According to Google, Live streaming was a phenomenal success for IPL with 50% increase in the viewership.


This is by far is the best solution for the youtube channels to broadcast their shows live on YouTube. For example, TMZ – a celebrity gossip and entertainment channel broadcasts some of their celebrity interviews live. Comic book channels like Nerdist, Emergency Awesome and vloggers like Philip DeFranco broadcasts podcasts and interviews live from their YouTube channels.

This process of live streaming select shows gives the audience a larger than live feel as their audience are now not bound to watch only uploaded content.


Just like how Casey Neistat streamed live from the red carpet of Oscars, youtube is now helping thousands of events to gain some visibility in the digital ecosystem. There was a day long fest at NSIC stadium in Worli that attracted thousands of fans to have a glimpse of Indian YouTubers like All India Bakchod (AIB), Lilly Singh and The Viral Fever (TVF).

Vid-Con is one of the most famous Live Stream events right now as you can see almost every YouTuber going to the event and broadcasting live. What makes VidCon so fascinating is the fact that someone like Casey Neistat, or PewDiePIe can be seen signing more than 1,500 autographs for hours for their fans.

Live Stream though Mobile –

Last month, Youtube announced that their Live Stream feature is available through smartphones devices for some particular youtube channels. Click here to know how many youtube channels are given access to youtube live stream. Also, CLICK HERE to know how you can broadcast live through your YouTube Channel.

Some famous LIVE STREAMS –

Now that we are about to conclude, here are some of the famous YouTube live streams that attracted substantial viewership.

Royal Wedding – The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
360-degree live stream during Coachella

Venice Italy Live Webcam – Rialto Bridge in Live Streaming from Palazzo Bembo Venezia

NASA Video : Earth From Space Real Footage – Video From The International Space Station ISS
Live African Penguins in HD – Monterey Bay Aquarium
LIVE from US Congress as ‘sit in’ protest continues


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