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Is uploading videos on YouTube and later sharing on all other social platforms enough for your company or organization to actively participate when it comes to social media marketing? The answer is definitely No! YouTube Live Video Streaming has now become a compelling tool, whether it be sales, marketing, or new product launch. Apps such as Facebook and Periscope have made it possible to stream anytime from your mobile, thus making the Live streaming a mainstream medium to grow your business or brand. Big names like Google, Facebook are now going all-in with Live streaming and that is why we have bought to you this ultimate guide on YouTube Live Streaming. 

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, YouTube stands out as the second most popular choice for Live streaming. But the question is, why prefer YouTube Live streaming over Facebook Live? The answer is Searchability and SEO. Compared to Facebook, finding videos on YouTube is much easier as YouTube is a search library hosting only videos. As a Google-owned business, YouTube videos tend to rank higher and show up in search results, unlike videos on Facebook. The high-quality streaming offered by YouTube is far better than Facebook.

YouTube Live Streaming

To enable YouTube Live streaming, your channel should be free from any Live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. Incase your live stream is blocked globally or gets a copyright takedown, your channel’s Live streaming service gets automatically turned off. During the restriction phase, no Live streaming is available for any of the other channels under your account. 

YouTube Live Streaming Featured Image Mobile

The prerequisite for Live streaming is your YouTube account verification. You will be asked to provide your phone number, and a verification code will be sent to the number via voice call or SMS.

YouTube Live Streaming Via Webcam / PC

(compatible with Chrome 60+ and Firefox 53+)

Once your account is verified, you are ready to go Live.

  • Go to or to the YouTube’s Creator Studio
    Note: Those who are going live for the very first time may have to wait up to 24 hours to enable YouTube Live Streaming
  • Click on the Upload button which resembles like a video camera., next to Help icon and select Go Live

    YouTube Live Streaming Go Live

  • Select Webcam at the top
  • Now enter a Title and short Description for your Live Stream and choose a privacy setting or go to “More options” for other Advanced settings. You also have the choice to schedule the live stream for a future date.
  • Click Save. Once your camera takes the thumbnail, click Go Live
  • To wrap up the live streaming anytime, click End Stream
  • The streams will be automatically archived within 12 hours and accessible under the Live tab
  • If you want to access or launch a scheduled live stream, then you need to go to the Live Control room and click on Manage.
Manage YouTube Live Streams

To Manage the Live Stream, go to the YouTube Studio dashboard where you can access current, upcoming, and past Live streams. The detailed steps are provided below:

  • Go to or select YouTube Studio from your profile icon’s dropdown menu
  • Select Videos option from the left side menu.

    YouTube Live Streaming Live Control Room

  • Click on the Live tab given aside the Uploads tab where you will find three kinds of stream, namely,
    • Live Now: These are the videos that are currently live streaming.
    • Upcoming: The videos that are yet to stream, but are scheduled for a certain time point.
    • Live Replay: These videos are those that have already live-streamed.

You can also access and launch scheduled Live streams at

  1. At the top, you need to select Manage.
  2. Then Click on the scheduled live stream you’d like to launch.
  3. Click Live Dashboard > Go Live.

YouTube Live Streaming Via Mobile

Your channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and an Android version of 5+ or iOS version 8+

  • Open YouTube app (latest version)
  • Click on the camera icon

    YouTube Live Streaming Featured Image Mobile Streaming

  • Grant permissions to YouTube app to access your camera, mic, and storage
  • Select Go Live.

    YouTube Live Streaming Featured Image Mobile Go Live

  • If no channel is available under your account, you will be prompted to create one
  • You will now get the choice to either stream what’s on the screen via phone icon or record using your camera with the camera icon
  • Add a title to your Live Stream and optionally create a description or schedule for later
  • Under show more, you can go to Advanced settings such as enabling or disabling Monetization, Age restrictions, Live chat and more
  • You can add custom thumbnail by selecting Next. Additionally, you can share your live stream by tapping SHARE
  • Click Go Live
  • To end the YouTube Live Streaming, select FINISH. The live stream archive is available under My Pages where you can anytime delete the archive and edit the privacy settings
Schedule a YouTube Live Stream using your mobile
  • Select the upload button which resembles like a video camera
  • Select the option, GO LIVE
  • Create a title of the stream and then select a privacy setting
  • Select More options and enable Schedule for later. You will be required to select the date and start time
  • Select Next to take a picture with your camera for your thumbnail. You can also upload a custom thumbnail
  • Select Done
Start a scheduled YouTube Live Stream
  • Select the upload button which resembles like a video camera
  • Select the option, GO LIVE
  • Select the Calendar icon
  • Then select your Live stream.
    Note: You can delete scheduled live streams by pressing the Delete button.
  • Select GO LIVE.

Live Chats

Live Chat is by default available during the YouTube Live streaming on the right side and viewers can still replay the Live chat after the streaming ends, i.e., when the stream has archived. The maximum limit of characters is 200, and at most three chat submissions are allowed every 30 seconds for the viewers. They can also filter out spam and read only the useful chats using “Top chat”

To post in YouTube Live streaming, start typing in the space saying, “Say Something” and click on the Send icon. Publishers can view Live Chat history, Delete, Disable and Embed Live chats, enable Slow mode to reduce the frequency of comments and more.

Another added feature in YouTube Live streaming for users from the U.S. and Canada is Super Chats, which is a fun and entertaining way for creators and fans to highlight their Super Chats. When you purchase a Super Chat, 100% of the amount gets donated to non-profit organizations in a charitable way.  Based on the amount donated, your Super Chat remains pinned in the ticker for a defined time.

How to Donate?

  • Within a Live Chat, select Super Chat for Good button
  • Enter the amount you want to pay or drag the slider. Optionally, add an optional message
  • Select BUY AND SEND
  • Follow the instructions to proceed with the purchase

Automatic Captions

YouTube uses speech recognition technology powered by Machine learning to caption the videos automatically. Automatic captioning, yet another powerful medium to boost the accessibility of your videos is available on YouTube Live Streaming. This feature is presently available in Creator Studio Classic, but if you are one of those using YouTube Studio Beta, you can select Creator Studio Classic from the left menu in 

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With availability in only English language, Automatic captioning is gradually rolling for English Channels with more than 10,000 subscribers having a normal latency and with no availability of professional captions. If you wish to use multiple cameras and audio inputs or want to broadcast your gameplay, then Live streaming via an Encoder is the best choice. An Encoder is simply a software or device that converts your content and digitizes the stream on YouTube. 

Below is the list of external Live encoders verified by YouTube, which you can download and get ready to go Live

    1. Open Broadcaster Software
    2. Stage Ten
    3. Streamlabs OBS (Android, iOS, Windows)
    4. XSplit Broadcaster (Windows)
    5. XSplit Gamecaster (Windows)
    6. Wirecast (Windows & Mac)

YouTube Live Streaming Pro things to keep in mind

  • Follow community guidelines and avoid using violent or inappropriate content
  • Refrain from sharing any of your personal information during the YouTube Live Streaming
  • Any user who is making you feel uncomfortable or sharing restricted content can be blocked during the YouTube Live Streaming
  • Ensure high outbound (upload) connectivity to send stream bitrate without any distortion

    Creator Dashboard

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