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The surge in video content creation on YouTube India has created a new definition of content creators. Now, Indian creators are recording, vlogging, live streaming games, editing their own videos, and creating a wide variety of web series that can give T.V soaps run for their money.

For example, in 2014, only 16 Indian content creators on YouTube had more than 1 million subscribers which included the likes of A.I.B and T.V.F. Now, in 2019, there are more than 530+ YouTube channels with 1 million subscribers or more and with 98 million subscribers, T-series is the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. This proves that regional YouTube content’s consumption has become a daily habit for millions of Indians.

For the last three years, we were successful in tracking month on month growth of Indian YouTube creators creating video content in all regional languages by documenting the stats on a monthly basis.

For the year 2019 YouTube Monthly Report, we expanded our content creator tracking and added more than 1000 channels that are creating amazing content and generating viewership in millions.

This free report covers top 5 YouTube channels in 18 different categories like Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Films, Science & Technology, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Kids, How-To & Style, Food, Music, New & Politics, People & Blogs, Pets & Animals, Sports, and Travel.

  • Top 10 YouTube content creators in 18 YouTube categories – Get the full top 10 list.
  • Viewership, subscribers, and monthly views of 18 YouTube categories – Know which category performed every month.
  • Top 200 YouTube channels as per monthly view.
  • 2 Month comparison of YouTube monthly views for – Know which channel didn’t make it in the top 10.
  • Top 10 brands on any selected category.
  • Deep dive in news industry: (as per inquiry)
  • Top 5 traditional news channels in Telugu, Hindi, English, and Tamil language every month.
  • Top 5 digital news channels in in Telugu, Hindi, English, and Tamil language every month.

  • Only Indian based YouTube channels are taken into consideration.
  • Indian food related YouTube channels are all categorized under food category.
  • The closest relevant category is picked for channels that upload different kinds of videos.
  • The popular channel ranking for each category is based on the YouTube channels that upload videos consistently. There might be other pages that have more channel views with the help of spam videos, advertising content, and duplicate videos. Such channels are not included in this report.

The following type of YouTube channels are not considered for the ranking even though they clock millions of views:

  • YouTube channels of political parties/personalities
  • Channels that freeboot videos (uploading videos without the channels permission with or without credits)
  • Pages that upload video memes (Using existing movie/music/viral video clippings)
  • YouTube channels of brands that upload advertisements.


  • ULTRA BOLLYWOOD is the most viewed Film and Animation channel for the month of January 2019.
  • DYNAMO GAMING and BEASTBOYSHUB are two most viewed Indian gaming YouTube channel.
  • SMILE FAMILY’S is the most viewed health and fitness YouTube channel for the month of January.
  • MYMISSANAND is the most viewed how to style YouTube channel for this month.


  • POWERDRIFT & MUSAFIR A.K.A JOSHI are two most viewed automobile based YouTube channel for the month of February.
  • MALLEMALATV is the most viewed comedy genre YouTube channel for this month.
  • ONLINE JOB, WIFISTUDY, and ZEEQ INDIA are the three most viewed YouTube channels in the education genre.
  • VENUS is the most viewed film and animation YouTube channel for the month of February.

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