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Google-owned video-sharing company has made a smart entry into the Indian music-streaming business vertical. YouTube Music app in India brings along a wide range of music services including official songs, rare playlists, music covers, YouTube’s extensive collection of remixes and artist hits.

“YouTube is where artists and fans connect: creating and discovering a world of music.” YouTube Music app

YouTube witnesses over 1 billion music lovers on its site every month who come to discover and enjoy musical tracks on it.

The platform has also become the medium for over 1 million artists, bands, and music enthusiast to share their creative art with all.

That is how YouTube video-sharing touched hearts and changed many lives with its connectivity.

YouTube Music app launch in India

YouTube Music app got launched in India with support from YouTube, its sources, and data. The launch, aimed at enhancing the user experience for Indian audience looks promising.

YouTube Music app is an excellent addition to its video-sharing platform, where it personalizes user searches and simplifies music discovery. YouTube Music app

The application comes with much more than just music. They announced on their official blog page that:

“While fans can enjoy the new ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free, we’re also launching YouTube Music Premium, a paid membership that allows you to play a YouTube music video in the background while you toggle between apps, write a text message or lock your phone while you’re going for a run, along with offline downloads and an ad-free experience for ₹99* a month.”

YouTube Music app in India in the presence of Swedish music-mammoth Spotify, glocal firms like Amazon prime, locals like gaana and JioSaavn, has spiced up the India’s music streaming atmosphere.YouTube Music app

Users of Google Play Music can get access to YouTube Music Premium membership as part of their subscription. This would not affect their music purchase activities, saves, playlists on Google Play Music if they consider using it as well.

Benefits of YouTube Music app

1.   Wide collection of music: The app is a one-stop solution for all kind of music searches. YouTube has been the host of rare tracks, but with the YouTube Music app built on YouTube’s sources has made them available for all. All live performances, popular covers, background music, etc. can be easily found here.

2.   Personalized music recommendations: The YouTube Music app adapts to the daily routine, activity, and preferences of the user. It has three segments Home, Hotlist and Library, which helps the user to sort and choose songs as per requirement. The home tab already presents music as per last heard, liked and interested tracks of the user. So now while commuting to the office, lifting weights in the gym or enjoying the rain out of the windowpane, suitable music is readily displayed to the user.

3.   An amalgamation of best playlists: YouTube Music app is a hub for all popular as well as niche playlists. Be that any genre, category, mood, activity, or language, YouTube music has got them all. Users can search for Kollywood hits, cosmic indie pops, Bollywood hotlist, hard metal, psychedelic rock numbers and more to get great music.

4.   Set fresh alarm playlists: These playlists can also be synced with alarm clocks on android and Google’s clock app. It breaks the monotony of usual alarm tones which lack the motivation required for a good start to the day. Users can connect the music app to the clock and edit to design their alarm playlists.

5.   YouTube Music app hotlist: Out of the three segments on the app, hotlist is responsible for bringing out the trending music to the top. Users can use the tab to know the hot songs that are being most heard. The hotlist is regularly updated and has the top numbers of the day thus, ensuring that the user stays at par with the music trends.

6.   Smart search options: The users using the YouTube Music app can get tracks even when they have missed the title of the music. Users can type any relevant lyrics, words, unique track on searches to get the song. It is as simple as typing “The dance track from talent show episode 22” or “I am the master of my sea song” to get the music previously unknown. That is how easy the application has made finding music for people.

7.   Downloading tracks for offline use: The app automatically downloads the offline mixtapes on the device even if the user has forgotten to command the same. Paid members can download songs, albums, videos, playlists, and more. The Library tab can be used to search for the songs effectively for download purpose.

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