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As the pandemic lockdowns affect the finances, opportunities and lifestyle of people, YouTube has continuously formulated features to support as many lives possible.

Apart from supporting and giving a good boost to all fundraising causes on the Video streaming platform, YouTube new analytics report was rolled out alongside.

YouTube new analytics report

This feature will help YouTubers in better analysis of their content and performances.

YouTube New Analytics Report for Overall Performance

The integrated feature will be available at the YouTube creator studio for all its streamers. YouTube new analytics report is a one place compilation of insights, data and information regarding the channel’s revenue performances as well as the subscriber performances.

Users can easily track their audience preferences to create better content and be able to generate more revenues. The YouTube new analytics report will also assist creators in staying updated about seasonal trends and top content styles for the time.

YouTube new analytics report

YouTube new analytics report shows a new analysis for views and provides a fresh deck of insights to recognise potential trending content. It is well equipped with useful summary indicators on all tabs present on it to highlight the top trends for the channel. Using the metrics procured from the report can enhance the user’s performance as well as viewership that will ultimately bring revenue profits too.

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Most importantly YouTube new analytics report suggests the channel user about the traffic source including how a video is performing from a different point of views. It clearly marks the traffic obtained from the homepage and the amount received through the “watch next” suggestions.

Benefits from New YouTube Creator Studio Updates

The YouTube creator studio now shows views, subscription counts, watch time and revenue performances that come with existing tabs regarding reach and engagement. Individual video posts can be examined more effectively with data insights including information on click-through rates(CTR) and traffic source. Such data can be used to determine the optimization, positioning and launch of video by developing an improved YouTube strategy.

The new feature will surely shift the way video content worked on YouTube for users as they can now design a better approach to capitalize on audience attention and monetize the same inflow.

There is a new monetization option in YouTube new analytics report that will show how much money is earned through different revenue sources with revenue per 1000 views (RPM) metric. The math is dependent on sources of income like ads, YouTube premium revenue, Super Chat, Super Sticker, and channel memberships on YouTube.

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The updates help in understanding the revenue performance analytics from multiple views therefore, being very supportive in expanding the overall profit base for users.

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