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The YouTube partner program brings better resources, opportunities, and features to YouTube creators. All one needs is a channel, published videos and a right audience.

It is a blessing for creators who are looking to monetize their YouTube channels with just a few efforts.

It comes completely free and is optional for creators on the platform.

There are several benefits of joining the YouTube partner program, but the most important one is that Google manages it for you. Be that ad placement or revenue collection & payments. Google handles it all. Thus, it ensures a safe and secured monetizing scope on YouTube. YouTube partner program

Once the channel gets registered on the YouTube partner program, three essential things may happen to it.

– Banner display ad which is also known as “overlay in-video ad” may get displayed within the window.

– A short TV commercial style ad might get played before the original video begins.

– The YouTube channel page will have banner ads playing on it by default.

Revenue begins to come in when someone views, clicks on or watches the video ad playing on the channel page. The income varies from channel to channel and depends on certain factors like the kind of ad the viewers engaged in or the time they spent on it.

Channels may earn more by generating more relevant content on their page and get those published.
Google plays a vital role in this concept of partnership between channel admins and YouTube. YouTube partner program

It tracks the video contents from descriptions, optimizes advertisements, matches up videos with advertisers, decides which ads to play and tracks traffic along with responses. YouTube will then dispatch payments according to these insights for the participation of channels in the YouTube partner program.

Steps to join the YouTube Partner Program

1. Access YouTube and sign in using the Google account information that was also used to create the channel on YouTube.

2. Click on the user name or profile picture on the upper right corner of the page

3. Look for “Accounts Settings” screen, go to the left side of the screen and select the “Monetization” option under the “Channel Settings” menu.

4. Find and click on blue and white button named “Enable My Account.”

5. A pop-up window with YouTube “Monetization Agreement” will appear on the screen

6. Go to the bottom left corner of the screen and select the three checkboxes, indicating acceptance of the agreement. Click on “I Accept” button to continue

7. A pop-up window will appear next; this will be “Monetize my Videos.” It will offer three options with check-boxes.

8. The options are:

a. Overlay In-Video Ads
b. True View In-Stream Ads
c. Videos Contain a Product Placement

9. Click on “Monetize” button displayed in the lower right corner of “Monetize my Videos” menu to continue with the process. YouTube partner program

After opting for the monetization option, banner ads will start running on the channel. Usually, these advertisements are relevant to the content of the original videos uploaded on the registered YouTube channel.

These ads pop-up directly by finding their match through tags and descriptions given in the videos. As a YouTube partner, admins cannot interfere in the process and everything takes place at the discretion of Google.

The YouTube partner program registration is a one-time method which needs no repetition. YouTube channels need to turn the ad features on all their future uploads to ensure they can run ads on them. YouTube partner program

YouTube partner program channel must be later linked to a Google AdSense account to ensure the sound functioning of the channel in the program. This step is also a one-time process following which everything gets automated, and income starts flowing.

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