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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

In the wake of waning print media, and constantly changing habits of online users, Google partnered with news publishers in Europe to create a platform that supports high-quality journalism through technology and innovation called the Digital News Initiative (DNI). 

It all started ten months back after the discussions with Digital News Initiative participants in Berlin to find a solution for their online Video platform. Global news publishers like BBC, the Guardian among others, often faced problems in generating any traffic from the content on their websites. But, with this new YouTube player, publishers can use YouTube/Google made platform, where they can embed their own content.

Till now, most of the publishers had their own custom video player where they were only able to upload content after rigorous production aspects.  One of the production aspects was this player aims to simplify is transcoding, or converting a video file into multiple formats or sizes according to the platform or device it is uploaded to.

Another important factor to introduce this YouTube player for publishers is monetization. Till now, news publishing websites never earned a single penny for monetization on their videos. All they had was subscription fees, and some temporary ads depending on festival seasons.  But now, their website’s video corner will have the look and feel of the YouTube platform (desktop & mobile), while giving news organizations access to more options to monetize their videos through adverts and content syndication.

Earlier, this new player was named YouTube Embedded Player Pilot

Digital News Initiative (DNI)

Like we said above, DNI is a platform where Google is trying to enhance the video format of Online/Digital news content. Their focus in on three key areas of journalism, like –

Product development: Develop innovative products to help journalism like YouTube Player for Publishers.

Innovation Fund: Google has established an innovation fund to support and stimulate innovation. After the second round of funding, Google will allot about 150 euros for this project.  All established publishers, online-only players and news startups in EU or EFTA countries are eligible to join their third round of funding.

Digital News Initiative - Innovation Fund
Digital News Initiative – Innovation Fund

Training & research: They are investing in training and development resources for journalists and newsrooms across Europe, as well as funding research into the changing media landscape.

DNI - Training & research
DNI – Training & research

Some of its research initiatives include

  • Re-built Google Trends platform
  • Expanded Reuters Institute Digital News
  • Funding for academic research into computational journalism
  • Google Journalism Fellowship program

Unidad Editorial (Spain), France24, The Guardian (United Kingdom), (Germany), Dagbladet (Norway), and Oe24 (Austria) are the publishers who are testing this YouTube Player for Publishers right now.

The YouTube Player is available across 1000’s of devices

The main utility of this video solution is its advertising feature, which allows publishers to control the format of ads accompanying their online videos, if any, and “preferential commercial terms” for videos embedded on their own sites or apps. Also, with the availability of the Content ID tool inbuilt in this player, publishers can track if and how multimedia material they own is being used elsewhere on the web and derive revenue from that if they wish to.

At present, the application for YouTube Player for Publishers program is now open.  CLICK here to register.

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