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YouTube SEO plays a vital role in the ranking of videos uploaded online. The right optimization helps videos reach the maximum audience and gain the best of the engagements. YouTube now is the second most visited website in the world with over 1,300,000,000 users across the globe.

Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and this brings enough traffic on channels. YouTube gets approximately 30 Million visitors per day, and out of these most belong to the age group of 18 – 49 years.  YouTube SEO

In order to attract more views and engagements, channels practice specific steps to make sure that the video ranks well both on google and YouTube as well.

Many of you must have tried promoting your channels and specific videos on social media but getting ranked on search engines is a bridge too far. Many tips and tricks are available online that guide users in making successfully optimized videos on their channels.

YouTube SEO involves algorithms that are responsible for the insights that are obtained after the video is ranked. The specialists in optimizing would agree that in order to get the most traffic, videos need good content complimented with the right keywords and optimization. YouTube SEO

Channel owners often tend to spend a lot of money in producing the same, and getting it ranked, yet desired insights are not obtained. The same result gradually leads to inactivity of the user on the channels and thus exhausting their presence online. Users need patience, experimenting with tricks, and time to get the right results on YouTube.

Tricks and tips on YouTube SEO and marketing are available in plenty online, but knowing just a few basic doable strategies can save good hours and bucks.

Let us learn valuable and critical YouTube SEO practices

  1. Make high retention videos:

    The YouTube SEO videos are ranked based on algorithms which examine the time viewers stayed on your video or got engaged in it. Basically, YouTube wants users to stay for the maximum time on the channel and view the video, which makes them stay on the platform and see ads.

More the time users retained on a particular video is proportional to the time users were exposed to ads. The exposure gives a boost to the YouTube business that promotes your videos in return. YouTube SEO

Retaining users on the video was the primary feature to analyze how good the video is performing. Nowadays algorithms have included engagement parameters such as

  • Comments
  • Shares on social media channels
  • Likes and views
  • Viewing the time of users    YouTube SEO

Click farms inhabiting the channels are strained out, and it ensures that genuine users are responsible for the ranking of the video. The YouTube bots recognize fraud and fake accounts easily with metrics involving the span of the video. Longer the video length safer the growth because the viewing time increases with it thus making the content retaining.

  1. Ensure proper optimization of the video name:

    Providing an appropriate name to the video uploaded makes sure that YouTube has some idea about the content in it. It is essential for creators to mention optimized titles and description to the video so that the platform stays clear on the ground and the video ranks well.  YouTube SEO

The two main parts of the video created are;

  • The raw title of the video file
  • The uploaded video title

These need to be selected after proper research and keyword finding so that the search engine optimization is appropriate. Optimizing subtitles, descriptions, and titles can be done easily by following steps;   YouTube SEO

  • Right click on the video and select “get info.”
  • Tags related to the keywords and their synonymous words need to be added
  • Video can be named related to the keywords
  • Mention comments involving keywords and content of the video
  1. Optimization of the whole video:

    Apart from the titles, subtitles, descriptions, and tags the video can be made more YouTube SEO friendly by saying out keywords.

Users interested in YouTube must have noticed that the algorithm now transcribes the content that is heard in the video. It is often found that transcript texts are very different from what is said in the video, users can therefore change it manually as well.  YouTube SEO

It is YouTube that actually listens to what you are mentioning in the video so to get the footage doing well in the rank list make sure you are saying the keyword. The transcription, when notices the keyword used it understands that the content is around the described word, thus ranks it better.  YouTube SEO

The video description is super important as it helps the google and YouTube understand the relevancy of the video concerning the tags and keywords mentioned.

  • It is essential to write separate descriptions for different videos because YouTube and Google may not rank copied work.
  • The description should be a minimum of 200 words and properly spaced keyword
  • Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing in the titles and content
  • Add links in the video to ensure procedural closure of the deal. Add links to the website and see that the marketing process involving the purchase, leads, conversions are sealed.
  • Targeted tags help your video rank in related video sidebars, therefore, make sure you add keyword tags, researched tags, and do not shy away from adding competitors tags as well.
  1. Add a custom thumbnail to the video:

    When a new video is uploaded, YouTube usually takes screenshots of three different clips from the video. These then posed as options to the creator who can choose any as its cover picture or thumbnail.

If observed strictly, you will notice that these screenshots can be not so pleasant or savory to the viewer. Therefore, it is better to create a thumbnail using graphics and tools on your own. A thumbnail that is relevant to the video context and is appealing would attract more viewers and increase the click-through rates.  YouTube SEO

To add custom thumbnails, creators can select “custom thumbnail” option and add the graphics designed. The thumbnails should abide by the features to compliment the video.

  • It should not exceed the size of 1280 x 720
  • The file size should be under 2 MB
  • The file can be a .PNG , .JPG, .GIF
  • The colors selected to design the thumbnail should be brighter than the standard colors of Google and YouTube that is mostly white and blue.
  1. Use the closed caption option:

    While uploading a video on YouTube you can use the closed caption (cc) feature. The cc button will show your entered text over the video, which will assist viewers in understanding the video better. This can also be translated into different languages and makes it easier for all to know the context. Uploading transcript manually helps in ranking as well. YouTube SEO

In case the video does not contain voice, you can add a transcript to the description of the video.

Using closed caption brings in a new way of indexing the video. Captioning the video with proper keywords is one vital YouTube SEO practice. Video optimization becomes more accessible with such features.

  1. Existing video optimization:

    The option YouTube provides here is a guide to the content of your next video. In order to optimize the old videos;

  • Go to on the YouTube webpage
  • Log in to your channel
  • Click on analytics
  • Go to top videos in the options available
  • Select the video that you are interested in optimizing
  • Click on the traffic source of the video
  • Select YouTube search from the list on the web page    YouTube SEO

Now the video can be optimized as per requirements. You can see viewers query which will hint at what is missing in the video, and that can become the content of your next video as well. In order to optimize the old video, you can change the description, tags, and titles as per need and redesign the whole text of the video. This will help in improving YouTube SEO and rank higher in searches.

YouTube SEO tips and tricks help overall indexing of videos

One pro tip for ranking your video is to embed it in blog posts and share the same on other profiles and social media platforms. This is a clever way to attract more viewers on your channel and increase the ranking as well.

Out of most tricks, creators dig out keywords that are already ranking in Google in order to get their videos indexed in the search as well.

Keyword research is yet another certain point because proper keyword search and addition of the same in the YouTube SEO practice helps the video be found easily by viewers.

Optimizing videos using keywords from Google can help attract viewers searching for specific content on. The video then finds its way to the top and it grabs organic engagement and views too.

YouTube SEO is a regular pathway, and it requires proper researching and understanding of what the users are looking for in the content. The best way to get your content seen is to create pleasant ones and then promote the same properly.

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