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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Recently, Mike Judge’s Idiocracy got screened again after 10 years for one night only to mock the similarities between ongoing 2016 U.S Presidential elections. Ironically the idiocratic version of the USA has some good aspects comparing it with the present day scenario. Mainly the problem that the people suffer is simply because of their stupidity.

To vote, you need to know both sides of your political parties and that knowledge is definitely not coming from channels like CNBC, CNN or our favorite FOX NEWS channel.  So, here are some reputed political commentators on YouTube with their own channels who show their gratifying support of the party they support.

the-young-turksThe Young Turks
Subscribers – 3,078,511
Viewership – 3,041,359,345

This liberal YouTube channel is headed by Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian. TYT is the first live, daily webcast on the internet and also was among few YouTube channels to get YouTube LIVE access. They cover almost every political scandal like Trump’s presidential campaign to Kim Kardashian getting robbed at gun point.

the-alex-jones-channelThe Alex Jones Channel
Subscribers – 1,638,091
Viewership – 937,655,366

This is one hard hitting YouTube channel with conservative DNA. Alex Jones is famous for his reporting on conspiracy theories from rich, powerful men joining the Illuminati to rich powerful men running for U.S presidential elections.

secular-talkSecular Talk
Subscribers – 403,815
Viewership – 235,927,838

He is a Liberal Radio Host who discusses controversial statements given by politicians and actively covers 2016 U.S presidential elections.

mark-diceMark Dice
Subscribers – 575,577
Viewership – 206,390,277

Mark is a media analyst who exposes the liberal agenda by taking to common citizens of America. A Republican at heart, he loves decoding conspiracies and has been featured on the History Channel, E! Channel, Coast to Coast AM and the Alex Jones Show. He is the author of “The Illuminati in Hollywood: Celebrities, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies in Pop Culture and the Entertainment Industry”

david-pakman-showDavid Pakman Show
Subscribers – 250,354
Viewership – 168,828,741

Watch his YouTube channel for some commonsense approach to politics, exposing outrageous extremists in the media, and for some wackiest, funniest, strangest, and most outrageous interviews.

paul-joseph-watsonPaul Joseph Watson
Subscribers – 536,690
Viewership – 123,263,575

He’s one of Alex Jones’ more reasonable reporters who got a crush on conspiracy theory science. Paul declared war on Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, non-heterosexuals, black people, Muslims, and anyone that cares about equal rights.

Subscribers – 146,835
Viewership – 56,724,227

This is kind of a YouTube channel that you can show your kids and make them understand the current idiocracy of world politics. They have crisp, infographic videos with many reputed influential people talking sense about global warming, politics, riots, and of course conspiracies.

the-majority-report-with-sam-sederThe Majority Report with Sam Seder
Subscribers – 99,834
Viewership – 48,645,347

The Majority Report is an internet talk radio program and podcast hosted by actor/comedian Sam Seder.

democracy-nowDemocracy Now!
Subscribers – 199,456
Viewership – 48,408,806

“Democracy Now” is an independent, global news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. They cover extensively on American politics with the liberal-minded approach and help expose the corruption in their society.

progressive-news-with-tim-blackProgressive News with Tim Black
Subscribers – 81,825
Viewership – 19,507,781

Tim Black gives you ‘News for people who can’t stand the news’, yet want the truth that mainstream media news Channels won’t tell you.

the-humanist-reportThe Humanist Report
Subscribers – 73,418
Viewership – 12,975,000

The Humanist Report is a video + audio podcast, YouTube channel that disseminates sociopolitical and religious news stories.

tyt-politicsTYT Politics
Subscribers – 81,279
Viewership – 12,644,185

This is the other half of The Young Turks YouTube channel network. Here, they broadcast live videos of political debates, speeches and have many high-profile political interviews.

the-richard-fowler-showThe Richard Fowler Show
Subscribers – 17,155
Viewership – 11,778,940

Richard Fowler is an American radio show host and political activist. His YouTube channel is a partner in the TYT Network, a multi-channel network on YouTube, specializing in political talk shows, run by The Young Turk.

the-benjamin-dixon-showThe Benjamin Dixon Show
Subscribers – 12,279
Viewership – 3,529,711

Benjamin Dixon shows his progressive perspective on his YouTube channel. He got sixteen years of ministry experience, eleven years preaching and three years serving as a pastor. Check out his book called God is Not a Republican book.

socially-unacceptableSocially Unacceptable
Subscribers – 9,491
Viewership – 555,631

This is a political commentary YouTube channel, where Tiffany Ferguson talks her heart out on topics that are controversial and ideologies that need a discussion. This channel got some well-crafted content which never shows never spreads propaganda.

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