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Shruti Sen3 years ago

In November 2017, YouTube rolled out its new feature called ‘Reels’ which was basically the platform’s take on the Stories feature which is now available on almost all the top social media platforms. This rollout was YouTube’s attempt to take them further than a video hosting site and add furthermore elements of social networking.

In June 2018 at the biggest digital video convention VidCon, YouTube renamed this feature simply as “YouTube Stories”. It was also announced that this YouTube Stories feature will be made available to YouTube creators having more than 10,000 subscribers later in the year.

YouTube Stories
Source: Google

Some popular YouTubers got the opportunity to use this feature right away when ‘Reels’ was launched last year. This was a great testing ground for YouTube to understand the potential of the feature. Now with it’s full roll out to creators having more than 10,000 subscribers, here’s what all features it has:

  • YouTube defines Stories as “a collection of short videos that you can watch from either the top of your Subscriptions feed, from the creator’s Stories tab, or from your homepage”.
  • Unlike the Stories features on other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp – YouTube Stories will last for longer than 24 hours. It will last for an entire week.
  • As of now in the Beta mode, YouTube Stories is only accessible on the YouTube mobile app.
  • Navigation of Stories remains the same as other platforms – Tap the left or right side of the player to skip to the previous or next video in the story and hold down on the screen to pause.
  • You can even subscribe to a channel while watching the Story as there’s a Subscribe button at the bottom of the screen.
  • YouTube Stories also include features such as stickers, filters, music, and text, much like other platforms’ stories formats.
  • YouTube Stories also has a comments section. Fans can comment, as well as react to comments with thumbs up, thumbs down or a heart.

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