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Shruti Sen2 years ago

The YouTube Creator Studio is the most important feature for any creator who wants to upload videos, grow their channel and build a community. A new renamed beta version of the same called YouTube Studio was launched in June, last year. This beta version has been utilized by thousands of creators till now who provided with invaluable feedback in order to make the tool more efficient and user-friendly.

In the coming few weeks, this new version will be available in the Creator Studio Classic for more widespread usage. Although creators can choose to go back to the old version as well.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the most awaited three new channel metrics (Impressions, Impressions Click-Through-Rate and Unique Viewers) along with the features of the new personalized dashboard in YouTube Studio.



An Impression is the potential reach of a particular content on YouTube as each Impression is an opportunity to earn a view. The way an Impression will be counted by Youtube is when a viewer sees of the creator’s video thumbnails. This includes impressions generated from thumbnails that show up on the homepage, subscription feed, search and “up-next” section.

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The next important metric rollout is the Impressions Click-Through-Rate. This is nothing but the percentage of the Impressions on YouTube than converted into views. This measures how often viewers watched a video after seeing a registered impression. There are different factors that affect this CTR such as how effective your thumbnails and titles are. This is helpful to take informed decisions by the creator by analyzing this metric for their past videos.


The third and the last channel metric that is to be launched is Unique Viewers. This is estimated number of unique visitors who have watched a creator’s video over a period of time. This is irrespective of the device it has been viewed on (be it desktop or mobile) and if it the viewer has watched more than one video of the same creator.


Another additional feature apart from these three new metrics is a personalized Youtube Studio Dashboard for each creator. This will provide you with invaluable insights, data and news without the creator looking for it elsewhere. Below mentioned are the new things that you will find there:

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Snapshot of Latest Video:

It’s important to keep track of how your latest video is performing. Therefore, in this new dashboard, a creator will find the performance snapshot of their latest video in comparison to the previous ones over the same period. Previously this was a hassle as it had to be acquired by pulling out data from multiple sources.

Personalized Recommendations:

YouTube has a vast knowledge base resource known as the Creator Academy but not every creator might be utilizing it well. Therefore, this new dashboard will provide relevant suggestions from the Creator Academy that will help the creator fine-tune their channel on the go.

In future, it will also help them understand the reason behind why some videos perform better than the rest so that it is easy for them to adapt for future content.

Recent News:

The YouTube ecosystem is continuously evolving and any news related to that should come first to the creators on the platform. Therefore, this new dashboard will provide any recent developments that happen on YouTube so that the creator is always updated and can act accordingly without wasting any time in getting the information.

How to get a glance of the new Youtube Dashboard?

Sign in to your YouTube account.

GO TO –>



You will be reverted to the new YouTube creator dashboard.


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