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‘How to become famous on YouTube’ – That’s a question almost all aspiring YouTubers google, when they start out. While there certainly are many best practices that one can follow, there is no strict formula which would work for everyone. It’s definitely a good idea to be aware of these best practices; but studying the success of other popular YouTubers can be a much better source of inspiration.

In this blog, we track the success of 3 different YouTube channels that did things the right way or did something different in the year 2015.

Baby Ariel

One of the tips that you would find in most How to become famous on YouTube articles is “Being Culturally relevant”. Keeping a close track of pop culture is extremely important if you want to strike a chord with the up-to-date internet generation.

That’s exactly what Ariel did. She started her channel Baby Ariel in June 2015 and within a span of 6 months, managed to reel in an impressive 400k subscribers!

Recipe behind her is an app that lets users create instant music videos that combine a variety of effects and lip sync voice overs. The app is quite popular and it shot towards the top of the free iPhone app chart within weeks of its release. Ariel piggybacked on the success of this pop culture trend and released her first video on YouTube in June 2015. The 16 second video was an instant hit.

Following its success, Ariel started adding tutorials and vlogs on all kinds of topics. Currently, she has an average growth of 2.8k subscribers every day!

Baby Ariel YouTube

Check out interesting stats about her channel here.


RocketJump Film School

One great video can make you famous. RocketJump Film School is a testimony for this statement. On August 4 2015, they released a video Why CG Sucks (Except it doesn’t) which went viral, clocking more than 3 million views within a couple of weeks! The video was their answer to movie snobs and critics who are against the use of visual effects in movies.

About 47 thousand people subscribed to their channel in a single day because of the video! Ever since the video, they have been consistently releasing videos and are seeing a steady growth. However, they might have to release another viral video in 2016 to see the same kind of exponential growth.

RocketJump Film School YouTube

Click here for a detailed analysis of their channel.

Thug life videos

Consistency in video uploads also plays an important role in the success of YouTube channels. Thug Life Videos is a good example for upload consistency. They upload a new video everyday! They are also very consistent when it comes to the thumbnail designs of their videos.

thug life youtube channel

thug life youtube channel

There certainly is a lot of negativity around compilation video channels since they do not actually create anything original. But you definitely can follow the best practices that this channel follows.

You can check out the complete statistics of the channel here

Do you know any YouTube channel that did things differently in 2015? It will be fantastic if you can leave them in the comments below so that we can analyze them and expand this blog.

Have a terrific 2016!

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