YouTube MarketingYouTube Trends 2015 by Vidooly: Insights that will make you go OMG!

Here is Vidooly yearly roundup for YouTube’s vivid categories like Music, Gaming, Comedy, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.

Online video was much hyped in 2015 and to everyone’s expectation; it did do justice to the hype. This was the year where you saw Facebook making a foray into space, giving YouTube a run for its money but not without receiving any criticism (the 3-second view saga and the video thefts… yeah that was a deal breaker for a lot of video enthusiasts).

On the other hand, Twitter announced its intention to enter the online video space in a big way in 2016 and live streaming of course bombarded the mobile devices of billions of people across the globe in 2015. Not forgetting MOBILE, which is a whole new BET a lot of OTT players are looking to capitalize on with Vessel, NetFlix, Hotstar, Hulu and plenty others eyeing expansion.

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In the midst of all this, we at Vidooly thought of rounding up the year with a bunch interesting video consumption patterns on YouTube across genres like Gaming, Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Music. Check out these short infographic videos and let us know your thoughts on whether you think 2016 is the year when the FORCE OF ONLINE VIDEO AWAKENS (I still can’t get over star wars 😛 )

Music on YouTube: 2015 Yearly RoundUp: 

Music with over 13,000 videos uploaded daily, music once again turned out to be the best-performing category on YouTube, generating a whopping 1 Billion+ views on daily basis in 2015.

Gaming on YouTube: 2015 Yearly RoundUp:

Gaming still far from twitch but YouTube caught up on the gaming scene in 2015 with over 2 Million people subscribing to gaming channels daily.

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Comedy on YouTube: 2015 Yearly RoundUp:

49% of viewership for Comedy channels came from mobile with 75% male engagement and that too from the 24-35 age group which is phenomenal.

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Entertainment on YouTube: 2015 Yearly RoundUp:

One of the most engaging genres on YouTube in 2015 was Entertainment with more than 44,000 active channels who uploaded over 5000 videos daily.

Lifestyle on YouTube: 2015 Yearly RoundUp:

The most popular vlogging genre with teenagers saw over 100% growth from Tablets viewership from 2014, contributing 12% to the total viewership in 2015.

Let us know if you would want us to cover up any other genres and we’ll be happy to do it!

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