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YouTube is a must if your marketing strategy uses video. Even though some think that there’s nothing a marketer can do to increase the effectiveness of video marketing on YouTube, there are some neat functions that you could use today.

Let’s make sure the power of YouTube plays on your tea with these simple tricks and tools for digital marketers.

#1. You can generate a link that allows you to begin playback of a video at a certain mark

In some cases, marketers want the viewers to see a specific moment on the video that has the most relevance to the campaign. However, using the entire video may not be a good idea because people are not used to waiting. So, instead of begging the viewers to wait until that moment in the video, you can create a special link that begins the playback whenever you want.

Interested? Here’s how it’s done.

  • Open the video and click “Share” button below the title. As the link for sharing appears, so does a box called “Start at.” It is shown at the bottom of the image below.

  • The link is added with =??s when you check that box. Just rewind to a moment you want the people to see and copy the link.

#2. Access a written transcript of any video

If you want to copy a quote from a video for marketing purposes but don’t want to go through all the trouble with finding, pausing, and typing, this trick could be helpful for you. YouTube generates a transcript for every video (only those who uploaded them could choose to hide it but they rarely do).

How to do it:

  • Open the video and click on “More” button located just underneath the title. A dropdown menu with four positions appears (see the screenshot below). Choose “Transcript” and get ready to use the text from the video.

#3. Get free music and sound effects for marketing videos

Did you know that YouTube has an enormous library of free music and sound effects specifically for content creators? Well, it does, and they can be very useful for your next marketing video.

To locate them, click on YouTube Audio Library and enjoy a free content.

#4. Use live stream to enhance marketing campaigns

According to LiveStream, 81 percent of online video viewers watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015. This means that the audience for live stream videos is increasing rapidly, and marketers should take advantage of this tool to increase viewership. For example, you can stream a marketing even, speech, and tell the world what the brand is all about.

How to begin live streaming:

  • Notify your followers about an upcoming live event beforehand.
  • Login into your account and click “Upload.”
  • Click on “Get Started” button located in the box called “Live Streaming” (on the right side of the screenshot below):

  • The window of Live Streaming wizard appears (see below). Just follow the instructions and you will begin live broadcasts in no time.

#5. Get ideas for your content using the search bar

To know the keywords you should be using in the title of your videos, you can apply this simple trick. Let’s suppose you have to create a promotional video for a blogger who helps the target audience to “build a gaming pc.”

Here’s what you should do to perform the keyword search and get ideas for video titles:

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Start typing “how to build a gaming pc” in the search bar.
  • As you type, the site will return a number of suggestions to find the right video:

  • Change the keywords a little bit and see what kind of results you get:

By performing this simple search, you can create a title for a highly niche specific video for your client.

#6. Associate your YouTube channel with a business website

If you want to get the most out of YouTube for marketing purposes, we recommend you to link the account to the website of the business of the client. As soon as your channel gets verified by Google, you have an opportunity to use additional features such as cards, which is great for marketers. Another great function is adding external links, which, in turn, allows to include in-video CTAs.

YouTube explains how to link to your website from your videos very clearly, so don’t miss the change to get maximum benefits for your clients. By taking advantage of this function, you can add some interactivity to the videos and increase interest from viewers.

YouTube Marketing Tools to Boost Your Marketing Effort

  • YouTube Reputation Tool – how popular are your videos? You can use this tool to discover keywords, titles, and other SEO tips.
  • Bulk Suggest Tool – perform keywords research for the most popular search engines for free.
  • Awriter – writing promotional materials for YouTube videos is getting more difficult with each day. This resource can be used to produce them as well as descriptions.
  • com – by using this feature, you can access metrics for YouTube channel and expert data for analysis.

Over to You

No doubt, YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that could be very useful for any kind of business. Hope this post helped you to discover some great hacks you may not have known about.

Now, it’s your turn to start making YouTube work for you and your clients!


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