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If, like most people, you’re spending more time indoors lately, then you’re probably streaming on a smart TV more than ever. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this has become a part of the “new normal”. 

One of the best ways to make the most of this new reality is to ensure that you have enough channels to keep you interested and entertained. 

Which is Better? YouTube TV or Hulu? 

There’s no shortage of TV show subscriptions to choose from, most of which you can stream directly from your Smart TV or game console. But, with so many streaming sites to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

YouTube and Hulu are firm favorites among cord cutters and entertainment lovers alike. Both options offer quality content that viewers love so it’s difficult to pick just one. 

But, that’s what we’re here for, to help you determine whether YouTube is better than Hulu or if Hulu is the best streaming site. Here are some important factors that you need to consider when choosing between the two.

Value for Money 

Initially, Hulu had more of an appeal because it seemed cheaper. There are numerous channels that you can stream on Hulu and with the recent YouTube TV price hike, it appeared as though Hulu offered the best deal. 

However, if you opt for the “no adverts” feature on the Hulu streaming app, the extra $10 brings it on par with YouTube pricewise. Both streaming platforms will cost you $65 per month.

Channel Variety 

YouTube TV offers 70 of the highest rated channels while Hulu only has 60 of these channels on its database. Similar viewing channels are shared by both YouTube TV and Hulu including favorites such as ESPN, Disney Channel, and Fox News to name but a few. 

The difference lies in the fact that Hulu live stream doesn’t offer BBC America, BBC World News, Tastemade, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, and Sundance TV which have become quite popular channels. 

If you’re a sports lover then you’ll have to opt for YouTube TV, as it offers a wider variety of sporting-related channels. 

With that said, you should also consider the fact that Hulu offers you the chance to personalize your viewing experience with add-on channel options available to you at a minimal extra cost. For instance, their Spanish viewing add-on comes with 7 channel options for $5. 


YouTube TV is known for its easy-to-use interface that even new subscribers can easily get started with. To compete, Hulu has brought out a new interface that is as simple to use if not better. 

Hulu’s fun-filled interface sports a brighter screen display and an option to help you find all of your most-loved content easily.

Showing On-demand TV Shows and Original Content

You easily can scroll through on-demand TV shows and get a glimpse of YouTube TV original shows and series. It’s also easy to find all on-demand shows on the Hulu Plus Live TV subscription as well as some popular shows that are exclusive to Hulu. In fact, FX on Hulu offers some of the most exclusive Hulu shows.

Cloud DVR feature

Both YouTube TV and Hulu allow you to record shows that you may be interested in watching at a later stage.

How to Make the Cut?

While it would be ideal to have both subscription services packaged together neatly with a bow so you won’t have to decide between the two, that’s not how capitalism works. The good news is that you should be satisfied with either option that you choose provided that you look at certain personal factors when making your decision:

  • Which of the provided channels are you most likely to watch? If you prefer the channels offered by YouTube TV then it’s a no-brainer, and vice versa. You need to make sure that all your best channels are included in the package that you opt for. 
  • Which interface is more user-friendly for you and your family? There is no point subscribing to a channel if you find the interface too complex to use or are unable to use all of its features from your Smart TV. 
  • Which option offers you value for your money in terms of pricing and content offered? Choose the budget-friendly option. Read up about all the extra costs that you may incur if you opt for a certain subscription package.

Regardless of which package you choose, we hope you and your family will enjoy it, and make sure that it ticks all of your boxes.

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