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Shruti Sen5 years ago

At the VidCon 2018 conference in Anaheim, California, YouTube rolled out a few new tools for creators to enable them with more options to generate revenue which is outside the purview of traditional advertising currently available on the platform. The new tools will enable them to engage with their audience in a better way.

One such new YouTube feature is ‘Premieres’ which will allow creators to be able to promote their content ahead of its release on YouTube. With this feature, a landing page will be created for the promotion of the video before it’s release. This is built keeping in mind the revenue generation possibilities of Live video without actually having to go Live.

With ‘Premieres’, creators can use the perks of Live chat that is Super Chat and Channel Memberships despite not doing live content. Creators will be able to join in the chats as the video goes live. This increases the engagement around the pre-recorded content. When the Premiere wraps, it’s posted as a regular video on the site which can be searched and discovered.

In order to upload content to ‘Premieres’, creators just need to toggle the switch on and thus there is no new workflow for this. It is uploaded in the same interface of YouTube just as other videos. In order to promote this new feature, upcoming Premieres will be showcased in the recommended videos section of the YouTube homepage, related videos as well as YouTube search.

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This features can be extensively used to promote upcoming content such as movie trailers, video game trailers, and music video launches. Currently, the Premieres features are not tied to YouTube Music.

Additionally, YouTube also announced that their own version of Stories will be available later this year to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

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