YouTubeYouTube updates in 2022 every Content Creator should know

YouTube has rolled out various updates and new features in 2022 to better the content creation and consumption experience either on web or through the application. The new updates are inspired by the feedback received from the vast YouTube community of creators, advertisers and viewers.

2022 YouTube Updates

1. YouTube Shorts:

The short format content form on YouTube now is available for users on computers, tablets and mobile web form. Owing to the great demand for short format video content across platforms, especially YT shorts garnering over 5 Trillion all time views, this is not a surprising move.

Adding to this from Feb 2022 onwards, all android users were able to import horizontal video clips of 60 seconds or less duration to YT shorts from their devices’ gallery.

The latest addition to YT shorts was ‘Super Thanks’ feature, now in beta testing mode. This feature is a new way of supporting your creators’ YT shorts videos. During the beta testing, some users will notice an  icon. The viewers who buy super thanks will be able to post distinctive and customised comments on the YT short video. Now the feature is only available for limited viewers and on YT shorts videos of selected creators.

2. Certification for health care professionals:

The feature is currently only available in the US and as per communication from YouTube; the same would be rolled out globally in the coming months. This feature shows a verified badge below every video created by health care professionals whose licences have been verified by YouTube.

Eligible health care professionals can get their channels verified by applying through by submitting proof of their licence.

3. YouTube handles (@name):

Following other social media platforms, the most latest update from YouTube while writing this blog is YouTube Handles, in simpler terms a unique user name for every channel.

Unlike other social media platforms where every user has a unique user name for better discoverability, YouTube had channel id, a more technical thing.

Now with the rollout of YouTube handles, it will be easier for every channel owner to establish a distinctive presence on the platform and ensure fans & viewers are able to interact with the real channel of the creator they love.

4. ZOOM in & ZOOM out with your Fingers:

This feature is now under testing but once rolled out, viewers will be able to zoom in and zoom out into any part of the video for a more interactive experience. The feature will on both horizontal and landscape format of videos.

5. Channel Membership Gifting:

This feature is now under beta testing, allows members to gift 1-month channel membership free to their viewers. This would act as a free trial for viewers to enjoy the benefits of channel membership before getting charged for real. Once rolled out in full phased manner, this would give significant boost to creator earnings.

6. Suggest Edits on Auto Captions:

This feature is now under testing phase. Users will be able to suggest corrections on auto captions by opening the transcript followed by clicking on submit button. As of now, the changes to the transcript will only be visible to the submitter. The feature is now available on desktop videos for participating YouTube channels that have auto captions turned on.

7. Better suggestions through Research Tab:

As per YouTube blog, majority of creators found it difficult to get content ideas that matched with the interest of their viewers. To address this concern, YouTube introduced the ‘Research Tab’ in YouTube analytics.

The tab helps creators understand what and how their audience is watching/searching for in the last 28 days, content trends, search volume of current trends across geography and language etc. Content creators can also get google trends data in this tab.

8. Supers Expansion:

YouTube has rolled out the ‘Supers’ feature, stickers and chat into many more countries in 2022. The feature is a way of showing gratitude and support towards your favourite creators.

Super chat enables you to highlight your comment in the LIVE chat feed of a YouTube live session while Super stickers give a colourful animation in the live chat feed.

Upcoming Updates:
  • Collaboration during YT Live
  • Buy direct from YT shorts
  • Enhanced Shopping Ads
  • Enhanced TV viewing experience for YouTube videos
  • Web3 and NFT

The blog will be updated if YouTube rolls out any more updates before Dec 31, 2022.

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