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Akshay Chandra7 years ago

Losing monetization can be the worst nightmare of any creator who has made a business out of YouTube. The internet has been abuzz with stories of wrongful copyright claims and takedown notices against YouTubers (even popular channels) in the past few months. Keeping this in mind, we did a couple of blogs (PART I & PART II) on the topic covering the whole situation.

When popular YouTubers like The Nostalgia CriticI Hate Everything and YourMoviesSucks started questioning YouTube’s way of handling things, Susan Wojcicki had tweeted this:

And they listened –

On April 28, 2016, David Rosenstein – Content ID Group Product Manager announced a new update on YouTube’s official blog.

Now, when you “Submit a counter notification”, your video monetization will not stop like it used to before. Instead, the monetization will continue and the money is still held until the dispute is settled. So, if the YouTube’s content Creators wins the resolution of that particular claim, he can have all the monetization revenue earned between the timeframe of the dispute.

youtube update - VidoolyWhy is it so important?

In 2013, WatchMojo’s YouTube channel got temporarily terminated for about 21 hours after receiving copyright violation notices. In this timeframe, they lost about 3 million probable views and almost 10 thousand subscribers.

Channel Awesome lost its monetization rights when his review of the classic movie My Neighbor Totoro was not received well by the producers of Studio Ghibli.

Here is the image when you lose your monetization. NOW YOUR MONETIZATION WILL CONTINUE (How great is that!)


So, if you are thinking that YouTube doesn’t care for its creators then you are totally wrong. They resolved this issue immediately within a few months.

The next time you are going to submit a counter notification – You still earn MONEY

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