Tips & Tricks6 Types Of YouTube Videos That Get A Lot Of Hate

Almost everyone is familiar with it so welcome again to the bad part of YouTube. They are the most ironical videos with the dislikes and negative comments almost equal to the views, they are also the videos we all enjoyed at some point (or secretly still do), they click-bait so freaking much that Mumble the penguin has to revolt Happy Feet style to get this fishing-for-idiots banned from YouTube.

And here they are – 6 types of YouTube videos that get A LOT of HATE from people!

1. Reaction Videos

I am not talking about the good reaction channels like FineBros, h3h3, Philip DeFranco, boogie2988, where actual logical discussions happen, no. The reaction channels that people hate are the ones that literally do nothing for the name of reaction, viewers watch the video that they’re reacting by not going to the original channel, basically stealing views and money directly from the creator’s pocket. The real problem is they kind of re-upload the complete video and put it in the corner, and barely even react to it like they smile mildly where they’re supposed to laugh hysterically, and by investing minimal time filming and editing they make easy money. Really, we could go on forever for why people hate reaction channels like Jinx and CJ so much.


2. Pranks/ Social Experiments

Where popular-on-social-media people make practical jokes and social experiments on friends, family, and unsuspecting people on the streets. Pranks are incredibly popular and pranksters get millions of followers and dollars out of them. TBH, they are hella entertaining, but they get annoying when they get mean. Not like ‘I’m pregnant’ or ‘Cheating’ or ‘Proposal’ pranks, the ones that traumatise people and put them in danger. Gone are the days where your silly-funny pranks that made people smile could go viral. It’s about crossing the extreme limits now. Kidnapping, murder, rape, suicide, sh!t-your-pants-scare-pranks, or PRANK BACKFIRES GONE SEXUAL GONE WRONG GONE TOO FAR GONE WILD GONE TO MARS, kinda pranks and social experiments. Let’s call out some channels now. Examples- MysticGotJokes, ViralBrothers.

And you must have heard about YouTubers like FouseyTube and Sam Pepper faking their pranks. It’s because the competition has increased so much that they have to be extremists. Most Social Experiments now are just traumatising people, and using their emotional reactions to get views. Funk You does that. In some of their experiments they don’t even tell people it wasn’t real, just leave them hanging affected by the made-up situations. The problem is they get a lot of views and some people actually appreciate them for doing it. But the good thing is, there are even more people who hate these kinds of videos and are smart enough not to fall for the click-bait title and thumbnail.

Now you will watch the following video and you will hate it.

3. Roasting Videos

Roasting is just downright cyber-bullying. Calling out people and making fun of them, or by jeopardising others’ security by leaking their personal details like Keemstar. It’s all mean unless it’s the Roast Yourself challenge. It’s good that YouTube now has better terms and conditions for harassment and cyberbullying. But still, nothing’s stopping people from exchanging hate videos. For example, Jesse and RiceGum’s roast. Going too far, too personal, in the name of “Roast” is just not cool.

And still, there’s a large population that is making mean channels like RiceGum HUGE. Like just look at these stats. Not even 7 months ago he was at around 67K subs now he’s about to reach 3.5 Million! What is this evil world?!

ricegum youtube stats ricegum 2ricegum 1

If you want to check out RICEGUM’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL STATS in more detail, just follow the link.

4. Challenge Videos

And ‘Challenge Videos’ are hated because people think when YouTubers can’t lift their lazy butts to make good content they just do a stupid jelly bean or chubby bunny challenge. And there’s their video, 7 minutes of lame, mildly enjoyable, “video”. Yes, we do like our favourite YouTubers doing and inventing fun challenges, and it’s a great way to collab when YouTubers just have an hour or something to meet and film the video, but let’s be honest they get weird and monotonous sometimes. If it’s not funny or entertaining, why even upload it? Most of you know where to find the bad ones so here’s a good old example of a funny and entertaining challenge video.

5. Social Commentary Videos/YouTube Drama Videos

Drama and controversies will ALWAYS get a lot of attention. And there are some channels that are dedicated to covering Drama like literally anything you can think of, from FouseyTube faking his pranks to Paris terror attacks (taking advantage of an awfully big situation for getting views). You name it on YouTube search, and it’s there. Which is sad, and that’s why a lot of people hate these channels so much that they’re making petitions for getting these channels deleted. And if you read that petition, you’d agree with the haters.

6. Top 10s

“Top 10s? But they’re awesome, they’re so addictive.” Yes, they are or channels like MostAmazingTop10 and TheRichest wouldn’t have millions of subscribers. Just look at the popular uploads of these channels and you’ll know why people hate them. Listicles and rankers are nice when they’re based on stats, opinions, etc. They’re also needed sometimes like if you want to know something like Top 10 chick flicks to watch at a sleepover. But not when they make up bizarre things with click-bait and present them as facts in a top 10 countdown!

Such as this hilarious video. They didn’t even say they might be doppelgangers or reincarnated, they freaking time travelled! And those are real “facts” because Top10 channels can solve any mystery through Wikipedia. If it’s on Wikipedia it’s true, right? Aren’t you dying to watch “10 Unsolved Mysteries, Finally Solved” right now?

Check out the top 100 most viewed channels on YouTube.

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