YouTube MarketingYouTube vs Amazon Try Prime – What’s the Difference ?

They introduced Interactive Cards this march, subscription based YouTube/Music Key, Customer Match, Brand Lift and YouTube Shopping before the end of this year. Lets check how YouTube is going the amazon way.
Akshay Chandra5 years ago

2015 has been a very productive year for YouTube. They introduced Interactive Cards this march, subscription-based YouTube/Music Key, Customer Match,  Brand Lift and YouTube Shopping before the end of this year. These updates will be a big help for marketers and content producers to promote their brand on YouTube.

“While both of these features are great for making advertiser videos more shoppable, Shopping ads bring this functionality to all videos on YouTube,” the company says.

Even though this approach is considered to be advertising friendly, there are questions arising on the inclusion of these ads in the “future YouTube without advertisements”. Shopping while watching a video isn’t a new trend. Amazon Try Prime has already used the shopping feature in its interface. This trend is growing steadily across all the video sharing platform providers.

What is YouTube Shopping?

“Imagine you are watching Michelle Phan’s makeup vlog and you got a pop-up card where you can buy the exact same product used by Phan.There are chances that if you like the product, you will tend to buy it or at least try to consider that product”

YouTube Shopping is the combination (or mutation) of TrueView In-stream cards and TrueView Shopping. So, just like YouTube cards, you will be given a built-in automatic sidebar (Click to buy ads) where you can choose the products cards and insert in your instream ads.

By implementing this feature, a user can increase channel engagement and will help in showcasing the product directly to the customer. To apply this feature, the user have to link their Google Merchant Center feed to TrueView campaign manager.


This process will help brands and advertisers to feature their products in product-based videos like unboxing, product reviews, hauls and how to do videos. Users can click “i” icon on the top right of the screen to view the shopping cards, therefore, making it possible to shop while watching the video. Apart from their traditional interface, this feature will be available in the YouTube gaming app, where only app promotional ads will be presented.

The other two features are Customer Match and Brand Lift solution. Customer Match will be instrumental to the marketers to target their existing customer base through email, Google search, and YouTube search, thus helping them to choose their target audience. Whereas, Brand Lift will help you to measure interest by monitoring keywords from both Google and YouTube engines.

How Amazon Try Prime comes into this picture?

Since YouTube is heading toward being a subscription based channel in the U.S, it draws many similarities from Amazon’s Video On Demand service. Here, you can also shop while watching videos in its own interface. Other than shopping, Amazon Prime includes-

  • Free two day shipping
  • Unlimited access to 8000+ movies and T.V shows
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Early access to the Amazon shopping deals
  • 800,000+ free E-Books
  • Amazon Student Discount

Evaluating these many offers and incentives which are also available from Google, there is a stiff competition among its competitors such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, and newly entrant Comcast.

YouTube is now monetizing on its content creators and their vast subscriber base which generates billions of viewership to create their own paywall community. Their constant updates is a clear indication that “they are aware of their competition” and is trying to adjust to the changing video market.


Akshay Chandra

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