Lists25 Popular YouTubers You Should Follow On Snapchat Today!

Snapchat is the Real MVP right now. If you’re not updating your story or sending funny filters to your friends, they might they think you’re either depressed or dead.
And if the videos and daily vlogs of your favourite YouTubers aren’t enough, here’s list of most popular YouTubers on Snapchat, with their usernames and all!

YouTube ships you need to follow:

1. Jaspoli:

Joe Sugg- thatcherjoe

Caspar Lee – casparlee1994

Oli White – oliwhite1

2. Zalfie

Zoella – officialzoella

Alfie Deyes – itsalfiedeyes

3. Janya

Jim Chapman – jimchapman

Tanya Burr – tanyaburrbearrtumblr_static_67l3iv92l44kwg0w4c4cows8w

4. Narcus

Marcus Butler – themarcusbutler

Naomi Smart – niomismart

5. Anna Saccone & Jonathan Joly

SacconeJolys – sacconejolys

6. BF vs GF 🙁

Jesse Wellens- JessePvP

Jeana- RealJeanapvp

The Rainbows:

7. Ingrid and Hannah

Ingrid Nilsen – ingrid.nilsen

Hannah Hart – hartoooo

8. Tyler Oakley – snaptyleroakley

9. Joey Graceffa – joeygraceffa16

10. Troye Sivan – troyesivan

11. Connor Franta – theconnorfranta

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Girl Power:

12. Bethany Mota – thebethnoel

13. Jenna Marbles – jennakermarbles

14. Miranda Sings – immirandasings

15. Michelle Phan- hellodreamer

16. Grace Helbig – realgracehelbig

17. Lilly Singh – iisuperwomanii

19. Gigi Gorgeous – gigigorgeous

20. Weylie – ohsnapweylie


21. Anthony Padilla – anth0nypadilla

22. Ian Hecox – ianhecoxsnaps

[Markiplier (left snapchat)

PewDiePie & CutiePieMarzia (barely ever active)]

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Some other cool YouTubers:

23. Fun For Louis – funforlouis

24. Mamrie Hart – realmametown

25. Shane Dawson – lolshanedawson


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