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Akshay Chandra3 years ago

YouTube is now progressing from a regular video platform to a live streaming service that includes a social network. In a phase by phase method, YouTube is aligning various features that can eventually make YouTube the go-to place to upload, live stream, collect funds, earn from fan donations, AdSense, chat in a community and be a regulator of the same.

Last year, YouTube announced Live Streaming service during its keynote session at Vidcon and was rolled out only to a select few creators – The Young Turks, AIB, Platica Polinesia, SacconeJolys, and Alex Wassabi.

YouTube SuperChat

With this new update, YouTube is extending its mobile Livestreaming service to anyone who has over 10,000 subscribers. Although there are hundreds of thousands of channels with 10,000 or more subscribers on YouTube, the company promises to extend the live video along with its “SuperChat” pay-to-highlight messaging and monetization feature—to all of its users this year.

Is Livestream for everyone GOOD?

For those who want more than text, livestreams give you an eye to almost anywhere in the world at any time. But does making Livestream available for YouTube users with 10,000 or fewer subscribers are going to do any good?

The reason why select creators were given access to the Livestream is due to their production standards and video quality. For example, if you’ve ever looked through the current live streams on Periscope, you know how changed the outcoming quality can be the point at which you let anybody with a cell phone communicate to the entire world.

Back in 2010, small time YouTuber Abraham Biggs announced he was going to kill himself. With 1,500 people reportedly watching the nineteen-year-old took an overdose of drugs and died in his bed. Some people thought the whole broadcast was a prank. But that ended when the camera caught police entering the room and approaching Biggs’s lifeless body.

Now imagine what would happen if millions of YouTube users suddenly had the option to “go live.” How would they employ that level of authority?

Thus giving the live video keys over to more experienced YouTube makers likely guarantees a specific level of semi-polished outcome in the nature of the streams that that start popping up on the platform.

SuperChat Yelp –

As you all know SUPERCHAT is a pay-to-highlight messaging and monetization feature for Livestream viewers. On the other hand, if a Livestream viewer wanted to embarrass or harass the creator, all he/she have to do is simply pay to make sure the abuse extra-visible.

There are some crazy yet positive live examples that happened on the Livestream platform of Twitch. Here’s a couple of them.

Kristen is a Canadian gamer who posts content about video games such as DOTA 2 and CS: GO on her YouTube channel KittyPlays, and streams on Twitch under the username KittyPlaysGames. While doing her usual morning Livestream, she is stunned by a massive U.S $7000 donations.

Liberto is another French live streamer on YouTube and creates entertainment on several games style GMOD, Arma or IRL video. In early 2015, his Twitch account “Liberty Of Gaming” received a mind blowing EUR69,000 over the course of a live stream.

Nobody knew about this humble donor, but that’s really a huge sum of money for a small time YouTuber in a good way. Let’s hope we expect similar miracle stories from YouTube’s SUPERCHAT as even small YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers can actually benefit from this program.


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