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Let’s pretend it is 2005, you have come home for lunch and the television has got your favourite show on. You eat the yummiest home cooked meal while being entertained by the show.

Old but definitely gold!

Food always had this connection with watching a series or a show since a long time. Right from the “TV and lunch” to the “Netflix and chill” food culture has evolved while eating habits have changed.

Healthy and fit cults also have a binge side that most indulge in at regular gaps and watching a series compliments it the most.

Zomato Originals

Zomato has stepped up its game and has forayed into the Video-On-Demand entity by releasing 18 shows streaming on the Zomato application as Zomato Originals. They have partnered with the “Comicstan” and “Lakhon Mein Ek” creator, OML. With over 200+ hours of OTT content, OML stands out in the business that they do and their connection with Zomato Originals can be incredible too.

Given the fact that most of us spend hours on the food delivery app, Zomato noticed this and leveraged the opportunity by streaming videos. It not just entertains the viewers but also provides a lot of knowledge to them while making them come back for more.

The shows are mostly of comedy, fiction, reality genres while celebrity interviews and features are a big part of it.

Till now, the app streams just 9 out of all the 18 announced Zomato Originals and they are working well with the foodies. These videos are 3 minutes to 15 minutes long in Hindi and English language. The company aims to launch over 2000+ videos of Zomato Originals that can be streamed in India. Sneak peaks and recipe videos can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

Zomato Originals quite smartly shoots these shows in vertical mode to experiment over the smartphone savvy audience.

Zomato Original Series Streaming on Zomato App

  1. 5.0 Kitchens: A show on chefs and their journey towards presenting food to the world. The season has already aired 5 episodes of different chefs and their struggles to bring in particular cuisines to India. With the country having a vast diversity in its food culture, habits and interests, these chefs have explored and experimented largely. It is an inspiring set of videos for aspiring chefs and gourmets who are looking towards breaking barriers and doing something new for the world.                                                                                              Zomato Originals
  2. Firangi Af: This not so usual and out of the box show is a winner. With episodes running around based on the real origins of some popular Indian foods, the series is “Lit Af” too. Who knew that our most loved beverage tea which has got our real emotions attached to it originated elsewhere and not in India? Yes, this show brings in good music and details to reveal astonishing facts about some popular Indian cuisines and street food like the Samosa, Gulab Jamun and Idly. The desi show reveals the videshi strings attached to some of our favourite dishes. Check this out for more mind-boggling information.

  3. Food schooled: Who can forget the iconic food show hosts that most of us loved. The highway on my plate duo Rocky and Mayur with their puns, funny takes on food and entertaining anchoring talents are back. Food schooled is the series of videos that has both the hosts trying out trending food cultures in India. The digital savvy and highly smart phone dependent millennials lead path for the hosts and together explore the different sides of culinary arts. It has already rolled out 5 episodes including the trailer which looks a lot of fun.                                                                                                                Zomato Originals
  4. Starry meals with Janice: The show is hosted by the social media star and creator Janice Sequeira who brings in joy to food besides celebrity guests. This video series features mostly Bollywood stars who introduce their kitchens to the world. It is one exciting series which will definitely get a lot of love from the viewers because who would not like a sneak peek into a star’s lives. Episodes involving Diana Penty, Taapsee Pannu, Armaan Malik, Rajkumar Rao and Chunky Pandey are already on air. Check the Zomato Originals series for more interesting insights about a Bollywood star’s life.           Zomato Originals
  5. Food and You with Sanjeev Kapoor: Food has a long stretched link with popular myths and misconceptions. The master chef Sanjeev Kapoor himself comes with this Zomato Originals series which bursts all the wrong facts and ideas concerning various foods and habits. Food and You with Sanjeev Kapoor is an informative and entertaining show as it demystifies trends and brings in age old truths to life. Till now the series has come up with episodes that reveal truths related to Keto diets, brown breads & rice, salt use, earthenware cooking and much more.

  6. GrandMasterChef: Hosted by Sahil Shah, this show is unique and fun altogether. There are face offs between the grandmothers of celebrities who have mastered their dishes against the host. It is full of surprises and the host explores some wild cooking processes and stories connected to them. Watch the Zomato Originals trailer to know more about its exciting episodes featuring the super grannies who are skilled cooks and intelligent mothers.                                                                                                                                       Zomato Originals
  7. Banake Dikha: Stand-up comedian and content creator Sumukhi Suresh teaches some of the simplest recipes in the easiest language ever. The series is funny and completely new to all. The trailer gives a comic vibe that sits well with the cooking show where Sumukhi demonstrates some basic recipes like dal, poha, rasam, eggs and more. She puts her usual comedy and puns in the series while ensuring that the viewers stay connected and entertained.                                                                                                                                  Zomato Originals
  8. Race against the App: It can be noted as a thrilling and surprising show where the hosts Neville Shah, Aadar Malik and Kautuk Srivastava race against food delivery apps like the Zomato. The rules are simple; the hosts have to prepare food before they are delivered at the home. This Zomato Originals show brings an adrenaline rush and makes everything interesting around food. Do check the series for more information and real comparison between what can help you more on regular basis.                                             Zomato Originals
  9. Dude where’s the food: The show is super funny and relatable with the casts Vineeth and Naser who bring in day to day life struggles. The episodes are based on regular topics related to food and the content is super engaging as well. We as Indians have a diverse collection of food options to pick from, basically, we are spoilt for choices and that is something the series openly shows. There is mockery, jokes, comedy and puns intended towards entertaining viewers and keeping them on screen with good content.                      Zomato Originals

There are 9 more episodes that are yet to be launched by Zomato Originals in partnership with OML. Check them out on the videos tab of your Zomato application and enjoy the binge watching culture that is catching pace these days.

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