Custom Video Insights

Our custom video insights can help you to make informed decision to scale your online video business

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Custom Video Analytics

Our Analysts help media companies, brands and agencies to take smarter decision on digital video.

Media Planning

The analytics helps in smart and relevant planning and smart targeting which enables the brands to understand which platforms and what type of content fits the campaign objective. Do smarter media planning with actionable vidooly insights.

Content Strategy

Get content ideas for your next video commercials and insights for your digital programming strategy. Understand what type of content drives high engagement & viewership for any audience.

Market Intelligence

Our machine learning tool tracks all type of video contents across major social video platforms. These insights can provide critical data required to analyse the competition, market opportunity and take accurate decisions to determine the digital video strategy.

Audience Insights

One of the most powerful analytical tool that provides the pyschographic and demographic data about the audience and of competitors. Thus enabling advertisers to improve their digital strategy and target their ads more effectively.

Vidooly is the platform for any Content Creator/Media Co./Advertiser in the online video economy


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TV Broadcasters

Production Houses

Media Planners

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Video Platforms

Digital Video Solutions & Professional Support

We serve clients across media, content & advertising domain. Our insights & reports are used by media professionals, brand managers & agencies to fine tune their digital video strategy. The data intelligence assists them in content strategy right from acquiring new programming show to investing in any new digital video property.

A dedicated Vidooly expert available to assist with day to day data requests, software management, and training. Few example of insights are bellow:

What popular kids entertainment shows are consumed by kids on digital platforms?

Which brands or companies in your industry have the highest video viewership on social platforms?

What is the popular food recipe content consumed by bachelors during a particular week?

Recommendation on the programming content to acquire for your digital video platform that resonates with the brand audience?

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