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In the ever evolving world of eSports, every stakeholder is looking to lead the way. Whether you’re a sponsor or a brand looking to tap into this community or an advertiser looking to connect with the right gaming publishers, with Vidooly’s eSports Analytics & Measurement get in-depth data & expertise on eSports videos across platforms like Mixer and Twitch, which will make it easier for you to understand our compiled & useful information.


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The online gaming industry continues to grow in terms of participants and market in recent years. The world of low technology games, inferior quality consoles, and disconnected users is long gone. The industry today has evolved massively and is at the frontline of technology.

VIDOOLY’s Online Game Streaming Report for 2018 provides overall Twitch metrics and key statistics. The report is useful for all types of gamers on the platform who are looking to deliver amazing content for their game play viewers. This comprehensive report on has in-depth insights on the following metrics,

  • Twitch Overall Metrics
  • Twitch Growth & Comparison with other Platforms
  • Top Languages
  • Top Streamers/Channels
  • Top Games

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Know the eSports Audience

Understand the various opportunities to reach consumers via eSports. Our analytics solution provides you with in-depth insights on demographic, behavioural profiling & engagement of eSports fans and relevant subgroups.

Content Analysis

Not only does Vidooly's eSports Analytics provide data on publishers across platforms & genres in the eSports environment, it also helps you to know which content is working and which isn't.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Collaborate

Connect with the right content creators in the eSports industry through data driven analysis. Learn how to maximise each opportunity through activation.

Measure ROI

Get a deeper understanding through influx of new data and decipher how well your campaigns have performed to maximise returns.

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