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  • Real Life Super Hero Caught On Camera!

Join The Revolution! 1776 World Wide! 

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  • Fake News’ Agenda Is State Run Media In The U.S.

The Chinese government has used google and apple to censor the word “Taiwan”. This type of censorship is now in the U.S. thanks to MSM begging for Alex Jones to be banned from social media and other platforms.


  • San Francisco is a Sh*thole

Why do all leftist-run cities turn into poop-stained dystopic ghettos?


  • VIDEO: Rob Reiner Thanks God Alex Jones Has Been Taken Off Of Facebook

Alex Jones presents video footage of Rob Reiner on MSNBC thanking God that Alex Jones has been censored from Facebook as the mainstream media spins stories about Infowars' lawsuits.

Full Report:


  • EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson Talks About Being Tortured In Prison 

Alex Jones presents video footage from Fox News' Tucker Carlson program where Tommy Robinson details his time in prison and how his sentence was used to torture him and break his free will.


  • Fake News Spreads Chinese Deception

Details of Alex Jones' defamation suit have been inevitably spun into a big lie by the mainstream media. A fake news operation catering to their globalist matters that are in league with communist China. If Infowars is shutdown it is no small event. It will herald the oncoming onslaught of corporate media and a Silicon Valley demoralization of traditional American values and free speech.


  • Pedophile Arrests On The Rise Under President Trump

Tom Pappert joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss how the arrest of pedophiles and people working with the human trafficking black market are on the rise during President Trump's first term.


  • BREAKING: Trump Approval Rating Reaches 50%

Alex Jones reveals how and why President Trump's approval rating has reached a solid fifty percent, which is higher than former President Obama's rating at the same point in his first term.


  • Leftist Celebrities Call For Trump Supporters To Be Euthanized

Mike Adams breaks down how leftist celebrities have been openly calling for Trump supporters that they disagree with about politics to be euthanized to death for their beliefs.


  • Corporate Media Spins Violent Narrative For This Weekend's Patriot Prayer In Portland!

Stay tuned for InfoWars special coverage of the Patriot Prayer event.

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  • Alex Jones Sandy Hook Trial Could Change History 

The usual suspects in the establishment media are flagrantly lying about numerous aspects of the Sandy Hook trial in a further attempt to defame and discredit Alex Jones and Infowars.
The outcome of the trial could define the limits of free speech within news syndications and result in the censorship of media organizations who dare to journey outside the MSM narrative.



  • The Saddest ANTIFA Video You Will Ever See

Watch this sad attempt of a Trump protest pathetically decry the president as a conservative comedian mocks him ruthlessly. 

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