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  • This is a common signalling behavior in Bearded Dragons, but not something that Elliot commonly does anymore. This is usually seen in young dragons or females. It's often thought of as a submissive display, but that's a little more puzzling since Elliot is normally very aggressive in his territorial posturing toward any new lizards in the house. He's always the one running to get into someone's face if they're in his territory, and he even once went after my old and now passed iguana, Pancho. I don't know if he was waving in response to his own reflection or the bigger male, Smaug, in the tank next to him, but given the fact that he is never shy about pestering Smaug, it's more likely that he's only waving at his own reflection. The only lizard he waves submissively to apparently is himself.


  • They were saved just in time and very lucky to even be noticed by this woman as this dumpster isn't in an often used alley and it was very hot and few poeple were outdoors to begin with. 

I am the only rehabber in the area who will respond to these things apparently, regardless whether it's one of "my" species or not. If I'm wrong, please let me know when and what you help, because I've not seen anyone else working with wildlife in this town to go on an actual rescue situation besides me for several years. And yet, even knowing that, there are still assweasels out there in this city and in the wider region who would rather an animal die, than allow me to help it and refer someone. Even when I'm quite clearly the expert in helping certain species. Some people only care about making sure they marginalize ME, more than they help animals. That should tell you something about their characters and ethics. 

Also, please don't EVER call animal control for wild animal concerns unless you're actually in real and immediate life threatening danger or danger of serious bodily harm. The reason is because animal control does not help wildlife. In nearly all cases, they kill them. They will tell you and your kids that they are taking them somewhere to get help or be released, and yeah, that's B.S.. If they're in any way ragarded as a potential rabies vector species, they kill and test them, whether they're symptomatic or not. Doesn't matter if it was a momma raccoon with babies who was just out trying to find food because times are tough and we're in a serious dry spell. And they carry other smaller animals like snakes, squirrels, opossums, etc. away to others to be killed as well, and I'm considering talking a lot more about that publicly. Pretty much, nothing wild except a bird gets treated fairly by animal control around here. DON'T call them for wildlife unless you want that animal dead...

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  • Angel, before


  • Releasing Angel <3


  • Trapped duckies :-(


  • Releasing baby Nighthawk


  • Tonka has a play date


  • One more hurt turtle...


  • Baby Snapper in R.I.


  • Big Softy :-)


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