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  • An insight for business builders.


  • Critics are just dreamers who got scared. It takes massive heroism and a truly brave heart to advance in the direction of your finest dreams in the face of criticism and obstacles. This quick audio will help you continue.

If you want me to be your digital mentor, go over to for all the helpful details. Stay great. Love, Robin


  • I call the online escape from doing work that matters and being a fully alive human “Digital Anesthesia”.

This quick audio walks you through the concept. And reminds you to use technology as a servant rather than allowing it to become your master. Be great. Robin


  • Genuine leaders and true history-makers are very much about others, versus themselves. We rise to all new levels of personal maturity and individual bravery when we shine a light on other people – and even on the world.

This audio message will help you get to your next level of influence and impact. Share it with others so lift many. Stay great. Love + respect, Robin


  • This quick audio shares a philosophy that the best in the world operate by. Let me know what you think about it. And give your genuine a rest ride today.

Oh—for everyone still asking, my new book The 5 AM Club is completely done. It’ll be available soon. Pre-order it now via the link in my bio.


  • Morning fuel for greater leadership and a life that wins. Share it with someone who needs to hear it. Love, Robin


  • Winning starts at your beginning. How you begin your day sets the tone for the way you show up during your remaining hours. This morning I saw a very grumpy man. Listen to this audio to hear the whole story about what happened.

Hope it helps and please remember, you have genius in you. Yet, to realize it you just do something about it.

And if you’re interested in going x25 deeper into my leadership and elite performance teachings head over to for details on my digital mentoring program for empire-makers. Be great. Love, Robin


  • Many talk of “hustle” these days. While an excellent work ethic is tremendously important, wisdom is even more valuable.

When you work with wisdom, you’re more creative and productive and your output has greater influence.

This audio walks you through my philosophy on this essential insight [rare in our world right now]. Please share it with someone who needs to hear it. Be great. Robin


  • What if everything you’ve been taught about success was wrong? In this quick yet robust audio message, I walk you through a whole new way to measure how successful you are. It’s a model based on metrics that most people don’t think about.
Hope it helps and if you want much deeper mentoring from me to x25 your business and lifestyle then you really should read the details about my digital coaching program for everyday heroes at:  | Love, Robin


  • Continue. At all costs.


  • For over 20 years I’ve been teaching a concept called #The5amClub which has helped millions of my followers create consistently great days by optimizing their morning routines. This quick audio explains why getting up early is such a life-changer. Tag a friend so we all rise together. Be great. Robin
P.S. for everyone asking from around the world, my new book The 5 AM Club is DONE, after 4 long years of work! It’s off my plate and with my publisher. Thanks to each of you who have encouraged me through easy days and hard times as I brought this massively demanding project to completion. Your support has made such a difference.


  • When I was growing up, not many people believed in me. I saw the world differently and marched to my own drumbeat. In Grade 5, I was blessed with a History teacher named Cora Greenaway. This audio explains the story. Please share it with someone who has helped YOU. And please speak honestly about how you feel about them. So often we hold back the words—and the love—we truly wish to express because we’re scared of being rejected. That’s a small way to live. Love, Robin


An insight for business builders.





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