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  • Familiar products, quick setup, ease of use… With #Wiser, #SmartHome tech is more intuitive than ever. For #electricians and home owners alike! #LifeIsOn


  • Manually adjusting all of your radiators can be a tiring task. Switch to #Wiser heating control and manage the temperature at home straight from your phone. Discover the Wiser difference! #LifeIsOn


  • The end of 2017, heading into 2018, was a precarious time in renewable energy. Amidst the uncertainty and volatility that characterized the beginning of the year, corporate buyers forged ahead with their goals and commitments, making 2018 our finest year for renewable energy. Discover #OurImpact


  • This is your chance to make the world more sustainable and win the trip of a lifetime! Register for #SchneiderElectric’s Go Green in the City challenge now and win it! #WhatsYourBoldIdea #GoGreen


  • In partnership with WWF , ICMBio  and C.S Mott Foundation, Schneider Electric is committed to supporting traditional Amazonian populations living in the extractive reserves of Ituxi and Medio Purus in #Brazil, by providing infrastructure support and energy services so that they can live autonomously and sustainably.
It was defined that the priority for the communities would be the production of energy for use in refrigeration systems, well water pumping, fruit pulp production, river water pumping and the electrification of two schools.

So far, WWF has provided systems to 20 communities. Schneider Electric participated with the sale of subsidized equipment in the installation of one school and also provided didactic materials to the students trained in solar energy by the Instituto Mamirauá for Sustainable Development. 1,000 people have been impacted, but there is still a great challenge, as there are still 700,000 people in extractive reserves without #accesstoenergy


  • When the temperature dips during work hours and heats back up for your return home, the difference is #Wiser. Save energy and enjoy a warm welcome, everyday! #LifeIsOn


  • Calculate your carbon footprint


  • Can you believe 2018 is almost over? We’d like to thank everyone who joined us at our events this year and extend an invitation to our next participation in 2019: #DTECH2019! Learn more here: #LifeIsOn


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  • Families rely on Geneva's airport to bring them together for the holidays. Discover why. #EcoStruxure #IoT


  • 3 Steps Towards Cybersecurity in a Digital World Animated


Familiar products, quick setup, ease of use… With #Wiser, #SmartHome tech is more intuitive than ever. For #electricians and home owners alike! #LifeIsOn

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