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  • Typical Monday! 

A scene from The Fly Movie sequel. Special effects by Chris Walas Inc.


  • Advanced Body Art - Anatomy, Armor & Illustrative Body Painting - Live Course PREVIEW

1-DAY INTERACTIVE COURSE - Join us LIVE ONLINE for a body painting master class with renowned artist and teacher, Dutch Bihary, who will teach you advanced techniques for painting human anatomy, clothing, armor, and illustrative body art. SIGN UP for the Live Course here:


  • Lake Placid - Building The 30-Foot Animatronic Crocodile Puppet

See how Lake Placid’s 30-foot animatronic crocodile puppet came to life behind the scenes at Stan Winston Studio, featuring a water-resistant urethane skin and a moving head, tail & snapping jaws that functioned underwater using waterproofed hydraulics:


  • How to Sculpt a Miniature Hand

In this excerpt from "How To Sculpt A Character Maquette - Human Anatomy," master creature sculptor Jordu Schell (Avatar, Hellboy, Men in Black 3) reveals his methods for sculpting dynamic miniature hands for small-scale maquettes:


  • Tori's EPIC Davros Doctor Who Magic Wheelchair reveal with Stephen Amell at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest!  

Costume built by Thorsson & Associates Workshop


  • Tori On the floor of Heroes and Villains Fanfest with her Davros magic wheelchair! Built by Thorsson & Associates workshop.


  • Tori's magic wheelchair revealed at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest! Getting Tori Fitted in her fantastic Davros chair.

Special thanks to the builders who made this possible! Shawn Thorsson (@thorssoli) and his team Rachel  Vanderpool, Freddy Schramm ,Sierra Haworth Vincent R. Trillo, Lewis Nowosad, Noelle Nowosad , Jen Fer,  Atomisk Ansar and Madison LeRoux for coming together to build this fantastic chair.

#magicwheelchair #stanwinstonschool


  • Creating Alien Makeups Part 2 - TRAILER. Learn to add otherworldy color & detail to Star Trek-style alien makeups with Emmy-winning makeup artist Brad Look.

In Part Two of his 3-part course series, Look teaches you how to use a vibrant combination of Chromaline & PAX paints, as well as Aqua & Alcohol colors, and even stenciling to complete your alien makeup application.


  • Noah's Magic Wheelchair Reveal Highlights


  • An Interview with Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real Superhero


  • Teaching makeup Live from El Diamante High School in Visalia, CA

Day 1 - Old age makeup with professional makeup artist Bruna Nogueira from Hollywood Makeup Lab and El D Media Arts Academy Teacher Jeff Watamura


  • We need this ability! 

Sent by one of our fans, Marc Deka Storey. 



Typical Monday! A scene from The Fly Movie sequel. Special effects by Chris Walas Inc.

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