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  • Live video request on my Patreon page today and your choice was the Morrowind/Skyrim theme, always a fun one to play 😄


  • Hey everyone, I just released a new music video on my YouTube channel for my original song Voyager! I hope you like it! 😄This was one of 3 original songs we filmed in Iceland a few months ago, and the 2 others will be coming later this year.  Can't wait for you to see this one, please share it if you enjoyed it! Hope you have a great weekend 😊https://youtu.be/RhnZvK5duVE


  • Hey everyone, my violin collection vlog is now up on my YouTube channel! 😊 Which violin is your favorite? And I’d love to hear what other types of vlogs you’d like to see on my channel in the future! Hope you enjoy! 😄🎻 https://youtu.be/80QAT3wsg1I


  • Hey guys! I have a really fun long vlog coming out tomorrow on my main YouTube channel showing you guys my entire violin collection! 😄🎻 I’ll be showing you each of my violins, explaining why I like them and what I use them for, and I’ll also be playing a few of them for you to compare the audio!  I uploaded half of the video on my Patreon page so if you’re a member of my community there be sure to check the preview out tonight! Can’t wait for you to see it! 😄


  • I had such an awesome weekend at 2D Con ! Thank you to everyone who came to the show (you were such a lovely audience!) and who said hi after 😄 And a huge thank you to 2D Con for having me, everyone on staff was so nice and amazing to work with! It really was an incredible event and I felt honored to be a part of it 😊❤️


  • Practicing Cosmo Canyon for 2D Con , less than 2 weeks away! 😄🎻 Wondering if wearing my Red XIII shirt while playing his theme will increase my skills 🤔😂


  • Hey everyone! I just uploaded a new video for "Let It Go" from Frozen on my YouTube channel! 😄 This was one of the videos we shot in Iceland recently and I can't wait for you to see the scenery! I hope you enjoy the video, please share if you do! 😊 
Download or Stream the Song: https://TaylorDavis.lnk.to/9bMXs
Sheet Music on my @Musicnotes page: https://mnot.es/2qPlV0b 
Watch the full video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TstsLM4IUV8


  • Hey everyone! I wanted to offer you guys a FREE download of an exclusive song I’ve never released before (“Ballad of the Wind Fish” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening) 😊 All you have to do is visit the link below and take a very short (4 question) survey and sign up for my email list and you’ll receive a download link to the song!  Here's the link:


Those of you who were already signed up on my email list should have received an email yesterday with the link to the survey and song.  The survey will help me with upcoming vlog/blog content I’m working on and other videos I’m putting together for you later this year, so I’d really appreciate you filling that out (it shouldn’t take more than a minute!).  And the reason I’d love for more of you to sign up on my email list is that I’m having a harder time these days keeping everyone informed about special announcements, upcoming performance dates, new music video releases, etc., on my social media sites alone since all those sites are constantly changing, and I hear from a lot of you that you miss out on some of those things since you didn’t see the specific post about it. So for those of you who don’t want to miss out on those types of things, this will be the best way for me to communicate with you (and don’t worry about spam lol, I only plan on emailing a few times per month maximum).  Thanks a lot, and please enjoy the free song! 😄


  • Taylor Davis


  • My New Album of Disney Cover Songs is Now Available!


  • How Far I'll Go from Moana!


  • Perfect (Ed Sheeran) Video Preview


Live video request on my Patreon page today and your choice was the Morrowind/Skyrim theme, always a fun one to play 😄





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